Posted on: 29th March 2012

Article by: Janette Hazlett, National Events Officer

Scottish Cycling and the organisers of the Scottish Road Championship events, Vortex RT and Johnstone Wheelers, are delighted to announce some exciting new changes that will be trialled this year to support more Women to take part in Cycle Racing in Scotland, the following measures have been put in place.

  • The introduction of a Womens National Closed Circuit Championship – previously the event ran on the same day as the Mens Closed Circuit Championship as a support race.


  • The Womens National Road Race Championship on 20th May 2012 and the Womens National Closed Circuit Championship on 19th August will be open events, and not restricted to those eligible for a Scottish Championship. Entrants will be
    • Women who are members of any UCI affiliated governing body with a full racing licence.
    • Women who purchase a day race.

The Scottish Womens Championships will be ‘incorporated’ in the race but the winner of the Championship title can only be somebody who holds a SC/BC  membership and full racing licence and who meets the criteria for a Scottish national as detailed in the SC Technical Regulations;

Scottish Championships are open to persons who meet at least one of the following:

  • Members of clubs affiliated to Scottish Cycling
  • Persons born in Scotland
  • Persons who have been resident in Scotland for three of the last five years
  • Persons who have at least one parent who was born in Scotland.


All competitors entering Scottish Championships must have a full annual racing licence issued by BC or another UCI recognised cycling federation.


This initiative will be on a test basis for 2012.  By opening the entries up and incorporating the championship into an open race instead of restricting the field to membership and licence holders only it is hoped that the numbers entering the event and racing, will increase, and more women will be encouraged into the sport of cycle racing.