Scotland v Wales in the Cycle Speedway

Scotland v Wales in the Cycle Speedway

Posted on: 12th September 2011

Article and Image by: Tommy Lee

In a match that took 2hrs and 10 mins to run Wales eventually took the honours in this hard fought clash by a one point margin.

Heavy rain on the morning of the match meant the track had to be cleared of standing water and track conditions to start with proved tricky. Although very few of the experienced riders on show took this into consideration as several falls littered the first few heats culminating in a nasty fall for Welsh star Ben Mould who came down heavily on the 3rd bend of his first lap. A trip to the Edinburgh Royal infirmary thankfully diagnosed only severe bruising.

As for the racing, the first four heats were shared before Wales pulled two points clear with a heat five advantage for Lee Tipping and Nicky Evans only for Scotland to pull clear in the next heat with a full heat advantage for Luke Draisey and Nathan Groves.

Scotland were able to hold on to their advantage up until heat 10 before an advantage for Mark Carmichael and Chris Davies meant Wales were clear by one point.

Scotland levelled the scores again at 59 points each after a heat 12 exclusion for Mark Winwood of Wales. Mark redeeming himself in the very next heat to put Wales clear once again by two points. Although the Scots managed to reduce this to one point in the last heat it was all in vain for the home side.

All in all it was a great days racing and once the riders realised that track conditions were to be respected some great on track tussles ensued.

A great victory for new Welsh Manager Dave Murphy's' side and a great legacy that outgoing Scotland Manager Gav Kennedy has left with so many young and upcoming riders on show for both teams.

Photos here-

Full Scores -

Scotland 73

Nathan Groves 15+1 (5 rides), Like Draisey 16 (5), Michael Lee 10+1 (5), Mikey Hewitson 13 (5), Neil McPherson 4 (4), Jake Slight 14 (5), Chris Lee 1 (1)

Wales 74

Mark Carmichael 16+2 (5), Chris Davies 10 (5), Nicky Evans 7 (5), Lee Tipping 16 (5), Ben Mould 0 (1), Jack Harrold 14+1 (5), Mark Winwood 14+1 (5)

Referee: Chic Mackie, Glasgow