Scottish Cycling Event Levy Cost & Breakdown

Scottish Cycling Event Levy Cost & Breakdown

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To allow us to provide the ongoing support of event delivery in Scotland, and to ensure that event organisers and riders are fully insured while racing, Scottish Cycling have worked with British Cycling to develop a payment structure to suit all categories of event.

There is a rider levy (per rider/per day of racing) payable after the event has taken place. The amount each rider pays depends on the category of the race and is usually included as part of the entry fee.

The levy fees in Scotland are slightly different to those in England and Wales, please see below:

Scottish Cycling Open Events

Senior Rider Levy £3.95

  • £1.50 British Cycling  insurance fee
  • £0.49(20%) invested directly to the 5 Scottish Cycling regions for local cycle sport development.
  • £1.96 reinvested in to the development of cycling in Scotland through Scottish Cycling. Examples of where this money is spent includes: National Championships/Event equipment (such as radios, signage and timing equipment)/ Volunteer Workforce Training (including Commissaires, Timekeepers, Photo Finish operators and Event Organisers)/Scottish Cycling staff including RDO’s and National Event Officers.

Youth Rider Levy £1.50

  • £1.50 paid to British Cycling to cover the British Cycling  insurance fee

Midweek league TT event levy £2.60

  • £1.50 British Cycling insurance fee
  • £0.22p (20%)invested directly to regions
  • £0.98p reinvested in to the development of cycling in Scotland through Scottish Cycling (as noted above)

Scottish Cycling Club Confined Time Trial events*

  • No rider levy!

*A club confined event is one where only 1st claim members of the club are eligible to enter

If you have any questions on any of the above please contact