#VolunteersWeek: Elizabeth Adams

#VolunteersWeek: Elizabeth Adams

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Throughout Volunteer Week 2016, Scottish Cycling will be showcasing some of the volunteers that work on cycling events across the country. There is more to cycling than getting on a bike and the fantastic work done by Scottish Cycling's 184 affiliated clubs and volunteers each and every week does not go unnoticed. We couldn't do any of it without you!

Name: Elizabeth Adams

Age: 34

Cycling Club: Glasgow Riderz

Volunteering role(s):  Coach

How long have you been volunteering in your role for?

I have been volunteering for around 8 years I think.

How did you get into volunteering? 

I was a skyride leader and loved getting people out on bikes

What are the benefits of volunteering? 

I’ve really improved my own riding, through watching other people and thinking about technique, as well as getting mentoring from other coaches.  I’ve met lots of cool people and been inspired to try different kinds of cycling.  I love seeing the kids improve, gain in confidence and have a huge amount of fun.

What has been your most memorable volunteering experience in cycling?

Seeing kids ride over an obstacle or up a hill when they didn’t think they’d manage it.

Describe the perfect volunteer (without describing yourself!)  

I am not sure I like this question! I’m very far from the perfect volunteer but wouldn’t like ‘not being perfect’ to put anyone off. You do what you can, within the time available to you!

Advise someone who might want to volunteer in cycling 

You don’t need to be super-fit and it doesn’t have to be a huge time commitment. It’s worth asking your local club about how they might be able to use your skills or availability.

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