Scottish Cycling 2016 Events Season Update

Scottish Cycling 2016 Events Season Update

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The 2016 season is now well underway, with our Scottish National Championships having taken place already. We have also kick started all of our Scottish National Series – with some strong riders holding on to those leader jerseys.

We would like to thank the event organisers for all of their hard work so far, not just for creating great events, but for getting all of the relevant documentation submitted in good time. This makes the process much easier – and means that the focus can be on making your event stand out from all of the rest.

To continue with a successful season, we would just like to remind Event Organisers and riders of some key points to help you get the most out of the remainder of the season and stay in line with the .


  • Key Dates:  Take a look at the list of Scottish Cycling’s National Championship and Series events.
  • Disc brakes are not approved for use in road, closed circuit or time trial race events.
  • Youth B Update: British Cycling Regulation 3.2.7; In all circuit events Youth B and younger riders shall conform to the following requirements: Wheels shall have a maximum rim depth of 35mm, have a minimum of 16 and a maximum of 40 spokes. Spokes can be round, flattened or oval but must not exceed 10mm in width. Tribars, arm extensions and/or arm pads shall be prohibited.
  • 2016 Age Categories
  • Youth Gear Restrictions
  • Black Kit:  Riders are reminded to wear their club’s registered colours or any other single colour except black; Scottish Cycling Technical Regulation 1.17.4:  All competitors must wear their own club’s registered colours — or any other single colour except black for safety reasons — in open competitions. Club colours and designs including shorts shall not be used in competition until approved by the Board and registered with the Chief Executive.
  • Scottish Cycling follow the UCI line on compression clothing; 1.3.033 It is forbidden to wear non-essential items of clothing or items designed to influence the performances of a rider such as reducing air resistance or modifying the body of the rider (compression, stretching, support.)
  • Quick Guides:  There’s one for almost every situation!

Event Organisers

  • Event Paperwork:  The deadline for event documentation to be submitted to Scottish Cycling is no later than one month prior to the event.
  • Event Registration: Event Organisers are encouraged to register any remaining events for 2016 as soon as possible, it helps riders to plan the remainder of their season.

  • 2017 Events:  We encourage Event Organisers to start thinking about your 2017 events already!  We will be beginning the 2017 calendar compilation process shortly so keep an eye out for further information and how to submit your note of interest to host a 2017 Championship.

  • Risk Assessments 2016:  Please submit the Route Risk Assessment and the Event Risk Assessment to  The Route Risk Assessment remains the same as previous years.  The new template for the Event Risk Assessment is saved on your Event Organiser dashboard here.  If you are organising a time trial event, please only fill out the HQ risk assessment; there is no requirement for you to complete the HQ to race start tab.
  • Road Race Risk Assessments 2017:  British Cycling have employed a Risk Assessor to review all road courses in Scotland.  The completed Risk Assessment for each event will be shared with Scottish Cycling in the first instance, before being communicated with Event Organisers in ample time before 2017 events.
  • Event Organisers are reminded of the requirement for entry to Time Trial events; 22.15 The minimum licence status criteria for participants in Time Trials and Team Time Trials shall be that of Provisional. The minimum membership status shall be that of Silver.
  • Tandem event entries: Only one entry fee will be charged where one of the riders has a disability and two entry fees will be charged where neither rider has a disability.  We appreciate Event Organiser support in respecting that the decision to participate in a tandem event is not always one of choice but one governed by an individual's disability.
  • Photofinish: Contact for a booking form
  • Event Equipment: Each Regional Development Officer has a set of radios, car tops and other event equipment that may be available for use at events; contact your Regional Development Officer for further information
  • Regional Commissaire Coordinator: Volunteers have been appointed to support Event Organisers in regional commissaire appointments, contact your Regional Development Officer for more information and to get in touch with your Regional Commissaire Coordinator.
  • Time Trial Commissaire Course draft resources have been completed and since reviewed by Scottish Cycling and submitted to British Cycling; future progress updates will be shared as we have them.
  • Quick Guides:  There’s one for almost every situation!

Scottish Cycling would again like to extend our thanks to you all, if you have any questions about any of the above please contact