Update regarding British Cycling website and security changes

Update regarding British Cycling website and security changes

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On 4 January 2016 we will be making a change to our website britishcycling.org.uk to improve security for all users.

This change is related to British Cycling’s PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance which enables us to take credit card payments online.

As a result of these changes users accessing britishcycling.org.uk with older website browsers will no longer be able to view the site. The browsers affected are listed below, but not limited to:

  • Internet Explorer - version 10 and below
  • Firefox - version 27 and below
  • Chrome - version 22 and below
  • Safari - version 7

These changes will impact 1% of our sites users. If you are running one of the browsers listed above we advise you to upgrade or download an alternative browser from the list below:




Making this change will ensure that you are able to access the British Cycling website without disruption following 4 January and will provide the added benefits of the security features provided by an up-to-date browser.