Road: Gibb wins in Shake Up

Road: Gibb wins in Shake Up

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Location: Preston Cycle Track, Brighton, West Sussex
Event: 18 August 2013
Report: Snowdon Sports

Tony Gibb cruised to first place in the Apres Shake Up in Preston, despite falling off. The 37-year-old picked himself up after tearing his shorts and still managed to build a lead over Graham Crow (Twickenham CC).

Conditions were perfect on the south coast as the sun shone at the oldest velodrome in Britain, the Preston Park Cycle Track.

As well as being the oldest, built in 1877, it’s also the longest and provided a fantastic setting for the four races.

After his fall, Gibb soon pushed back to the front. He and Crow took off with about 15 minutes to go and although Crow wasn’t far behind the leader, he never really looked like giving 37-year-old Gibb any problems.

In the women’s category, it was Cassie McGoldrick (Wyndy Milla) who came through the bunch sprint finish ahead of Lizzy Brama (Brighton Mitre) to take first place.

In category three, Matt Bubear (Southdown Bikes) managed to hold off the challenge of Henry Farrell (Welwyn Wheelers) to take victory.

German rider Sebastian Fischer of London dynamo also managed to hold his nerve to take victory in the category four race, again crossing the line first in a bunch sprint.


1 Tony Gibb (Unattached)
2 Graham Crow (Twickenham CC)
3 Mark Emsley (Brighton Excelsior)
4 Ryan Visser (Gledhill CC)
5 Paul Flynn (Tivot)
6 Ian Robins (Brighton Mitre)
7 Jonathan Dredge (London Dynamo)
8 Gavin Mitchell (Twickenham CC)
9 Andy Edwards (Kingston Wheelers)
10 Henry Farrell (Welwyn Wheelers)
Category 3:
1 Matt Bubear (Southdown Bikes)
2 Henry Farrell (Welwyn Wheelers)
3 Paul Bernard (Southdown Bikes)
4 Stuart Baldwin (4tplusvelo)
5 Duncan Rimmer (Morden CRT)
6 Martin Edmonds (Brighton Mitre)
7 Moritz Jobke (unattached)
8 Matthew Farren (Brighton Mitre)
9 Robert Quin (Brighton Mitre)
10 Alan Yule (Corley Wheelers)
1 Cassie McGoldrick (Wyndy Milla)
2 Lizzy Brama (Brighton Mitre)
3 Susan Freeburn (Wyndy Milla)
4 Hisayo Kaneko (unattached)
5 Rebecca Carter (Goscombe BSR)

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