Road: Youngsters enjoy Go-Ride action in Stourport

Road: Youngsters enjoy Go-Ride action in Stourport

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Location: Kingsway, Stourport, Worcestershire
Event: 10 August 2013
Report: Snowdon Sports

Severn Valley Velo enjoyed a cloudy but dry morning for their youth Go-Ride circuit races at Stourport Sports Club with a mix of scratch and handicap races for road and mountain bikes across the age groups.

The under-16 races were particularly well-contested with the host club’s Sean Burford and Richard Allen sharing the honours ahead of Massimo Divito and, behind them, Hannah Nolan and Ben Gough separated by the thickness of a tyre in both races.


Scratch race: 1 Sean Burford, 2 Richard Allen, 3 Massimo Divito, 4 Hannah Nolan, 5 Ben Gough
Handicap: 1 Allen, 2 Burford, 3 Divito, 4 Nolan, 5 Gough

Scratch A race: 1 Hollie Owens, 2 Samuel Cooper, 3 James Ralph, 4 Emelia Reynolds
Handicap A: 1 Cooper, 2 Reynolds, 3 Owen, 4 Ralph
Scratch B race: 1 George Mills Keeling, 2 Connor Cox, 3 Alice Burford, 4 Joseph Mulkerrin
Handicap B: 1 Mills Keeling, 2 Cox, 3 urford, 4 Mulkerrin

Road bike scratch: 1 Ryan Brooks, 2 Alex Barker, 3 Joseph Lycett, 4 Grace Robinson, 5 Jasmine Mulkerrin
Road bike handicap: 1 Robinson, Barker, 3 Lycett, 4 Mulkerrin, 5 Brooks
MTB scratch: 1 Cameron Watts, 2 Alex Gough, 3 Kinga Ingram, 4 Riley Sadler
MTB handicap: 1 Gough, 2 Ingram, 3 Watts, 4 Sadler

Road bike scratch: 1 Thomas White, 2 Grace Nolan, 3 Alex Sharp, 4 Leah Brooks, 5 Danielle Barker
Road bike handicap: 1 Brooks, 2 Sharp, 3 Nolan, 4 White, 5 Barker
MTB scratch: 1 Leo Watts, 2 Samantha Carson, 3 Sam Mulkerrin, 4 Stefanie Houston
MTB handicap: 1 Watts, 2 Mulkerrin, 3 Carson, 4 Houston, 5 Tao Withers

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British Cycling would like to thank the organising team, officials and everyone else who helped promote this event. Our sport could not exist without the hundreds of people, many of them unpaid volunteers, who put in many hours of hard work running events, activities and clubs.