Road: Bromley home first in Surrey League Road Race

Road: Bromley home first in Surrey League Road Race

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Location: Dawes Green, Surrey
Event: 11 August 2013
Report: Phillip Jemmison/Snowdon Sports

Surrey League undertook their latest road race on the Norwood Hill circuit in Surrey, very close to Gatwick Airport.

The men's category three race started at 9.30am from Leigh, with an overcast sky, and 56 starters.

The race involved six and a half laps of the road circuit, with a distance on roughly 65 miles, covered in two hours and 50 minutes.

At the end of the first full lap, Russell Scott and Will Davison of VC Meudon made 25 seconds on the main bunch.

They were joined by another rider by the end of the second lap, and extended their advantage to 38 seconds.

The race was affected by several instances of horses on the circuit although this was sorted out during the second lap.

Things changed during the third lap with new leaders Graham Austin of East St Cycles and Nigel MacAodha of Ronde CC with 42 second on the bunch but being followed by Paul Bernard of Southdowns Bikes with nine seconds on the bunch.

The weather during this lap was turning with a little rain, although not enough to unsettle the event and it was followed by sunshine.

At the end of lap four, Nigel MacAodha of Ronde CC and Simon Bromley of London Dynamo managed 20 seconds on the bunch.

These two extended their lead during the fifth lap to 53 seconds although riders were breaking off the bunch with two other groups between the leaders and the bunch.

These groups came together during the sixth lap forming a leading group of eight riders, however Nigel MacAodha dropped off the leading group and didn't finish the race.

The group of seven held it together and finished ahead of the main bunch by 1:34. Simon Bromley won the sprint against Lee Staples to secure the win.


1 Simon Bromley (London Dynamo)
2 Lee Staples (GS Avanti)
3 Ray Wilson (London Dynamo)
4 Jamie Wright (Chartlotteville CC)
5 Tim Granshaw (Handsling)
6 Nathan Fletcher (Team ASL360)
7 Tom Hughes (
8 Kieran Ali (VC Meudon) @ 1min 34s
9 Jamie Francis (London Dynamo)
10 Riko Sibbe (London Dynamo)

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British Cycling would like to thank the organising team, officials and everyone else who helped promote this event. Our sport could not exist without the hundreds of people, many of them unpaid volunteers, who put in many hours of hard work running events, activities and clubs.