Preview: 2013 Premier Calendar - Grand Prix of Wales

Preview: 2013 Premier Calendar - Grand Prix of Wales

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Location: Abergavenny Rugby Club Bailey Park, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire
Event: 14 July 2013

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Team Raleigh’s Evan Oliphant could secure the overall Premier Calendar title at the penultimate round of the series, the Grand Prix of Wales.

Part of the Abergavenny Festival of Cycling, Sunday’s race follows the Wales Open Criterium in the Elite Circuit Series on Friday night.

The Grand Prix of Wales was last part of the Premier Calendar series in 2007 when David Millar - currently riding in the Tour de France for Garmin Sharp - won with the Saunier Duval-Prodir team.

In the 2013 season, fellow Scot Oliphant currently holds a 19 point lead over teammate Tom Stewart after a third place finish at the Stockton Grand Prix and knows another podium finish is likely to be required in Abergavenny if he is to remain top of the standings.

A win for Oliphant could see him secure the series if the result goes his way.

Premier Calendar top 3

Evan Oliphant 246
Team Raleigh

Tom Stewart 227
Team Raleigh

Chris Opie 146
Team UK Youth

But with 100 points for the victor in Wales plus the Ryedale Grand Prix to follow, Stewart can once more swap places with Tour of the Reservoir victor Oliphant having topped the standings after the Beaumont Trophy.

Both riders have collected points in every round thus far to distance third place Chris Opie (Team UK Youth) whose 140 points all came at the opening Tour of the Reservoir. Opie is listed to start and can launch a final bid for overall honours.

Behind Opie, Peter Hawkins (Team IG - Sigma Sport) hasn’t taken points since the University of Lincoln Grand Prix while Mike Northey (Node4 - Girodana Racing) isn’t set to race.

After victory for Ian Wilkinson in Stockton, Team UK Youth will go in search of another win in what has been a rewarding 2013, demonstrated with four riders in the top 10 for the Tour Series winners.

Stockton Town Centre Elite Circuit Series race winner George Atkins will be the sole rider from 100%ME as Dean Downing returns for Madison Genesis after his sprint win at the Beaumont Trophy.

Graham Briggs’ second at Stockton has showed signs of a return to form after injury for the 2012 Elite Circuit Series winner.

The 103 mile course starts and finishes in Abergavenny taking in Usk, Raglan, Monmouth, Cross Ash and Mardy including the Iron Mountain ascent, before riders will complete ten laps of a short circuit in Abergavenny where the winner will be decided.

Start list

1 Kristian  House  Rapha Condor JLT
2 Hugh  Carthy  Rapha Condor JLT
3 Michael  Cuming  Rapha Condor JLT
4 Luke  Grivell-Mellor  Rapha Condor JLT
5 Richard  Handley  Rapha Condor JLT
6 Edward  Laverack  Rapha Condor JLT
7 Elliott  Porter  Rapha Condor JLT
8 Will  Stephenson  Rapha Condor JLT
9 Michael  Ashurst  Biketreks Racing Academy
10 Jonathan  Cregeen  Biketreks Racing Academy
11 James  Dunlop  Biketreks Racing Academy
12 Russell  Falder  Biketreks Racing Academy
13 Glyndwr  Griffiths  Bristol South CC
14 Matt  Postle  Bush Healthcare CRT
15 James  Cartridge  Cadence RT
16 Daniel  Harris  Clay Cross Road Team
17 Dante  Carpenter  Cube Fintro
18 William  Bjergfelt  Cycle Premier - Kovert
19 Michael  Nicolson  Doltcini Flanders
20 Tony  Kiss  Dynamic Bicycles UK/RPC
21 Matthew  Ullmer  Dynamic Bicycles UK/RPC
22 Oliver  Beckingsale  Endura MTB Racing
23 Luke  Dunbar  Equipe CMI
24 Ashley  Martin  Equipe CMI
25 Alexander  Murison  Equipe CMI
26 Conor  Ryan  Equipe CMI
27 Andrew  Whitehall  Equipe Velo Ecosse/Montpeliers
28 Finlay  Young  Equipe Velo Ecosse/Montpeliers
29 Andrew  Feather  Exeter Wheelers
30 Andrew  Hargroves  Felt-Colbornes-Hargroves RT
31 George  Harper  Felt-Colbornes-Hargroves RT
32 Matthew  Higgins  Felt-Colbornes-Hargroves RT
33 Robert  Ward  Felt-Colbornes-Hargroves RT
34 Graham  Howell  Forza Cycles Racing Team
35 David  Griffiths  Glasgow Whls
36 Matthew  Clarke  Halesowen A & CC
37 Alex  Coutts  Herbalife-Leisure Lakes
38 Giles  Drake  Herbalife-Leisure Lakes
39 Martin  Ford  Herbalife-Leisure Lakes
40 Gary  Hand  Herbalife-Leisure Lakes
41 Andrew   Hawdon  Herbalife-Leisure Lakes
42 William  Haynes  Herbalife-Leisure Lakes
43 James  Sampson  Herbalife-Leisure Lakes
44 Jake  Martin  Kingsnorth International Whlrs
45 Thomas  Smith  Lumet-VDBG Steenhouwerij
46 Sebastian  Baylis  Madison Genesis
47 Ian  Bibby  Madison Genesis
48 Dean  Downing  Madison Genesis
49 Liam  Holohan  Madison Genesis
50 Dominic  Jelfs  Madison Genesis
51 Alex  Peters  Madison Genesis
52 Chris  Snook  Madison Genesis
53 Andrew  Tennant  Madison Genesis
54 Dale  Appleby  Metaltek - Knights of Old Racing Team
55 Dexter  Gardias  Metaltek - Knights of Old Racing Team
56 Kit  Gilham  Metaltek - Knights of Old Racing Team
57 Gruffudd  Lewis  Metaltek - Knights of Old Racing Team
58 Rhys  Lloyd  Metaltek - Knights of Old Racing Team
59 David  McGowan  Metaltek - Knights of Old Racing Team
60 Tom  Murray  Metaltek - Knights of Old Racing Team
61 Robert  Smail  Metaltek - Knights of Old Racing Team
62 Perry  Bowater  MG-Maxifuel Pro Cycling
63 Declan  Byrne  MG-Maxifuel Pro Cycling
65 Jamie  Caldwell  MG-Maxifuel Pro Cycling
66 Hefin  Price  NFTO
67 Hugh  Wilson  NFTO
68 Dan  Barry  Node4 - Giordana Racing
69 Nathan  Edmondson  Node4 - Giordana Racing
70 Steve  Lampier  Node4 - Giordana Racing
71 Shem  Rodger  Node4 - Giordana Racing
72 Roman  Van Uden  Node4 - Giordana Racing
73 Christian  Varley  Node4 - Giordana Racing
74 James  Williamson  Node4 - Giordana Racing
75 Jake  Martin  Pedal Heaven RT
76 Harry  Godding  PMR@Toachim House
77 Adam  Bright  Primal Europe Powered By
78 Tom  Stockdale  Primal Europe Powered By
79 James  Williams  Primal Europe Powered By Rutrainingtoday/Bikechainricci
80 Malcolm  Dixon  Severn RC
81 Antoine  Gaudillat  Spin Rotor Primal C-Originals RT
82 Chris  Nicholson  Spin Rotor Primal C-Originals RT
83 Colin  Parry  Spin Rotor Primal C-Originals RT
84 Nick  Pilborough  Spin Rotor Primal C-Originals RT
85 George  Pym  Spin Rotor Primal C-Originals RT
86 James  Smith  Spin Rotor Primal C-Originals RT
87 Mark  Baines  Spirit Bikes Racing Team
88 Edward  Clemens  Spirit Bikes Racing Team
89 Christopher  Dredge  Spirit Bikes Racing Team
90 Jack  Waller  Spirit Bikes Racing Team
91 Michael  Smith  Team Corley Cycles/Blue
92 John  Whittington  Team Diabetes UK
93 Richard  Cartland  Team Echelon - Rotor
94 Matt  Cronshaw  Team IG - Sigma Sport
95 Andrew  Griffiths  Team IG - Sigma Sport
96 Peter  Hawkins  Team IG - Sigma Sport
97 James  Moss  Team IG - Sigma Sport
98 Ryan  Mullen  Team IG - Sigma Sport
99 Joseph  Perrett  Team IG - Sigma Sport
100 Wouter  Sybrandy  Team IG - Sigma Sport
101 Peter  Williams  Team IG - Sigma Sport
102 Eric  Berthou  Team Raleigh
103 Alexandre  Blain  Team Raleigh
104 Graham  Briggs  Team Raleigh
105 Richard  Lang  Team Raleigh
106 Thomas  Moses  Team Raleigh
107 Evan  Oliphant  Team Raleigh
108 Thomas  Scully  Team Raleigh
109 Samuel  Witmitz  Team Raleigh
110 Daniel  Patten  Team Smartstop P/B Mountain Khakis
111 Joseph  Moses  Team Sportscover
112 Niklas  Gustavsson  Team UK Youth
113 Chris  Opie  Team UK Youth
114 Yanto  Barker  Team UK Youth (UCI Team)
115 Marcin  Bialoblocki  Team UK Youth (UCI Team)
116 Joshua  Hunt  Team UK Youth (UCI Team)
117 Greg  Mansell  Team UK Youth (UCI Team)
118 Robert  Partridge  Team UK Youth (UCI Team)
119 Ian  Wilkinson  Team UK Youth (UCI Team)
120 George  Atkins  100%ME
121 Ben  Simmons  Team Wiggle
122 Daniel  Davies  Teamwallis CHH Racing Team
123 Liam  Glen  The Kinesis Morvelo Project
124 Steven  Lawley
125 Anthony  Moye  Velo29-Blackhawk
126 Robert  Adlard  Velo29-Blackhawk
127 Tom  Barras  Wheelbase Altura MGD
128 Andrew  Coupe  Wheelbase Altura MGD
129 Adam  Duggleby  Wheelbase Altura MGD
130 Alistair  Rutherford  Wheelbase Altura MGD
131 Stuart  Reid
132 Jack  Adams  Zappi's Pro Cycling
133 Daniel  Kelley  Zappi's Pro Cycling
134 Daniel   Pearson  Zappi's Pro Cycling
135 James   Ratcliffe  Zappi's Pro Cycling
136 Jacob  Loftus  Zappi's Pro Cycling
137 Rhys  Howells
138 Luke  Ryn
139 Pete  Vincent
140 Dean  Shannon


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