Road: Edwards and Stevens win at Dunsfold

Road: Edwards and Stevens win at Dunsfold

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Location: Dunsfold Park, Cranleigh, Surrey
Event: 22 May 2013
Report: Snowdon Sports

Jason Edwards (unattached) and Colin Stevens (VC Meudon) proved victorious in round three of the Surrey League Dunsfold Park Veterans Series at the Cranleigh venue in Surrey this week.

First category veteran Edwards, 43 and from Horsham in West Susex, held off round two winner Graham Crow (Twickenham CC) for victory in the Cat C/D race, while third spot went to VC Meudon’s Gianluca Cappello.

And in the older category race, for veterans from Cat E to Cat I, VC Meudon scored a one-two with 51-year-old Colin Stevens from Farnborough taking the win ahead of team-mate Steve Barnsley, 57 and from High Easter in Essex.

In the other categories, Martin Booty (Brighton Mitre) was first Cat G rider in seventh spot, while VC Meudon’s Keith Brooks was fastest Cat H veteran in 11th.


Veterans C/D:

1 Jason Edwards Private Member 1V MC

2 Graham Crow Twickenham CC 3V MC

3 Gianluca Cappello VC Meudon 2V MD

4 Nick Beale Beeline Bikes RT 2V MC

5 Nick Allen Pedal Heaven RT 2V MC

6 Ken Prince VC Meudon 2V MC

7 Gavin Starling Brighton Mitre 2V MC

8 Nick Roux GS Henley 4V MD

9 Clinton Casteller 2V MC

10 Adrian Cansfield Southdowns Bikes 3V MC

11 Greg Barber Charlotteville CC 3V MD

12 Jon Harris Cycle Club Basingstoke 2V MC

13 Jon Lewis Charlotteville CC 1V MC

14 Keith Griffin Kingston Wheelers 3V MD

15 Michael Donohue Private Member 4V MD

16 Mike Saunders Team Corridori 3V MC

17 Austyn Tusler Norwood Paragon CC 2V MC

18 Paul Tilley Crawley Tri Club 3V MC

19 Jeff Tam Charlotteville CC 3V MC

20 Ben Macland VC Meudon 2V MD

21 Chris Day VC Meudon 3V MC

22 Tony Gordon Pearson Cycles 3V MC

23 Anna Stedman Charlotteville CC 3WV MC

24 Russell Scott VC Meudon 3V MC

25 Richard Unwin VC Meudon 2V MC

26 Ashley Baker Private Member 3V MD

27 Andrew Seltzer InGear Quickvit Trainsharp 3V MD

28 Creighton Varney High Wycombe CC 3V MC

29 Bruce Samuel Brighton Mitre 3V MD

30 Darron Muggeridge Worthing Excelsior 4V MD

31 Matthew Farren Brighton Mitre 3V MD

32 Claire Leonard Brighton Mitre 2VW MC

33 Luke Farren Brighton Mitre 2V MC

34 Andrew Bocking GS Henley 4V MC

35 Mark Warrington Southdown Velo 3V MD

36 Michael Leonard Brighton Mitre 3V MD

37 Justin Lord GS Henley 3V MD

38 Darryl Rice Southdown Velo 2V MD

39 John Hyde VC St Raphael 2V MC

39 Philip Malam VC Meudon 4V MC

dnf John Philips Brighton Mitre 3V MD

dnf Ashley Russell London Dynamo 3V MC

Veterans E/F/G/H/I:

1 Colin Stevens VC Meudon 3V ME

2 Steve Barnsley VC Meudon 3V MF

3 Billy McNamara Clarencourt CC 4V ME

4 Paul Tunnell Addiscombe CC 3V ME

5 Richard Varian Epsom CC 3V MF

6 Nigel Powell VC St Raphael 2V ME

7 Martin Booty Brighton Mitre 3V MG

8 Andrew McCombe Cycle Club Basingstoke 2V ME

9 Steven Cottington Cadence RT 2V ME

10 Lindsey Ruocco VC Meudon 3V MG

11 Keith Brooks VC Meudon 3V MH

12 Richard Simmons VC Meudon 3V ME

13 Peter Farnfield Redhill Cycling Club 4V MF

14 Ronald Hicks VC Meudon 4V MG

15 Catherine Hills Wyndymilla 2WV ME

16 Martin O'Brien Brighton Mitre 3V ME

17 Paul Nelson VC Meudon 2V MF

18 Gary Sheffield Team Velo Sportif 3V ME

19 Mark Pelling InGear Quickvit Trainsharp 3V MF

20 Mario Manelfi ASL360 3V ME

21 Martin Porter Thames Velo 3V ME

22 Trevor Holmes Southdowns Bikes 2V ME

23 Craig Wilson VC Meudon 2V ME

24 Steve Sibley Amersham RCC 3V ME

24 Tony Eveleigh Worthing Excelsior 4V MF

24 Andy Bristow Westway Wheelers 3V ME

24 Mike Anderson VC St Raphael 3V MF

dnf David Carter Bournemouth Arrow 4V MG

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