Road: Broomfield wins Surrey League Handicap

Road: Broomfield wins Surrey League Handicap

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Location: Horne, Surrey
Event: 16 May 2013
Report: Snowdon Sports

Stephen Broomfield raced to victory at the end of round four of the Surrey League Handicap Series on the Newchapel circuit in Surrey on Thursday evening.

The 45-year-old second category Addiscombe CC veteran held off first cat senior Tony Lock (Munn YB London) for the win, while another Addiscombe rider, Darren Peachey, completed the podium in third.

Broomfield, from Sutton, placed second in round two of the same series two weeks ago, when Peachey was fifth.


1 Stephen Broomfield Addiscombe CC 2V

2 Tony Lock Nunn YB London 1

3 Darren Peachey Addiscombe CC 2

4 Austyn Tusler Norwood Paragon CC 2V

5 Maurice Brennan Redhill Cycling Club 2

6 Harry Franklin Team de Ver 2

7 Mark Smith Crawley Wheelers 3V

8 Leszek Wuziak Twickenham CC 3

9 Dominic Clegg Redhill Cycling Club 2

10 Ashley Dennis Team de Ver 2J

11 Shane Pope Bayeux Cycling Team 3

12 Daniel Baines Norwood Paragon CC 3

13 Keith Lea Addiscombe CC 2V

14 James Mickelburgh London Dynamo 3

15 Wilf Sinclair Pearson Cycles 3

16 Matt Hill VO2 Development Team 3J

17 Scott Amory Addiscombe CC 3V

18 George Moore ASL360 3

19 Sean McAuliffe Redhill Cycling Club 3V

20 James Humphries Norwood Paragon CC 3

21 Dom Hill Bec CC 2

22 Matthew Halvatzis Addiscombe CC 4

23 Jason Ginn ASL360 3V

24 Stephen Perry Addiscombe CC 4V

25 Brian Hennessey Redhill Cycling Club 3V

26 Matthew Butt ASL360 2

27 Mark Leitch Private Member 3V

28 Andrew Clavell Kingston Wheelers 3V

29 Ben Hope Private Member 4

30 Simon Parker Crawley Wheelers 4

31 Declan Egan Kingston Wheelers 4

32 Anthony McCoy Addiscombe CC 4

33 Andy Taylor Norwood Paragon CC 4

34 James Stuart Norwood Paragon CC 2

35 Mark Bashford East Grinstead CC 4

36 Kieran Barber Redhill CC 4

37 Ilija Trkulja Addiscombe CC 3

38 Andrew Seltzer InGear Quickvit Trainsharp 3V

39 Stuart Nisbett Crawley Wheelers 3V

40 James Graham VC Meudon 3

41 John Powell ASL360 3

42 David Kennett Norwood Paragon CC 3V

43 Paul Tunnell Addiscombe CC 3V

44 Symon Lewis Nunn YB London 1

45 David Emms Didcot Phoenix CC 4

46 Jon Masters Norwood Paragon CC 3V

47 Damien Lodge Vedett RT 3V

48 Stuart Davison Redhill Cycling Club 4

49 Richard Varian Epsom CC 3V

50 Nicola Whatford Crawley Wheelers 4W

51 Daniel Gower Addiscombe CC 3

52 Darren Haynes Crawley Wheelers 4V

53 Russell Childs Racing Team 316 3V

54 Sam Cheesman ASL360 3

dnf Philip Wallace-Tarry Crawley Wheelers 4V

dnf Marek Glowinski VC de Londres 3V

dnf Martin Green Bayeux Cycling Team 3V

dnf Morgan Lewis Brighton Mitre 3V

dnf James Wasley VeloSport 3

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