Road: Big turnout for latest Lee Valley YCC Youth Series

Road: Big turnout for latest Lee Valley YCC Youth Series

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Location: Redbridge, Essex
Event: 16 March 2013
Report: Snowdon Sports

There was another large turnout of youngsters for the third round of the Lee Valley YCC Winter Series, staged at the Redbridge circuit in Essex on Saturday.

More than 140 enthusiastic youth riders turned out, with the biggest field being in the Under-12s race, with 42 boys and girls taking part.

In the Under-16 race it was Prestige VC’s Henry Dacosse who took the win ahead of his team-mate Tom Yiangou, while the promoting club’s Lewis Bulley (Lee Valley YCC) took third spot.

Another Prestige VC rider, Anna-Marie Hughes, was the best of the girls, while VC Jubilee’s Amy Smith was second fastest female.

Chelmer CC tasted victory in the Under-14s race thanks to Tim Torrie, while Hillingdon Slipstreamers member Louis Rose-Davies was second and Georg Mew Jenson (Lee Valley YCC) was third.

The fastest of the Under-14 girls was Sophie-Jo Wylie-Morris (Abergavenny RC) in 13th overall, while Harriet Mellor (HSS) was second and Sophie Wright (Great Yarmouth) was third female.

Welwyn Wheelers’ Alexi Edwards won the Under-12 race from team-mate William Davies, while George Sloan (VCS) was third. Josie Griffiths (Welwyn Wheelers) was the fastest of the Under-12 girls, in tenth spot overall.

And there was another win for Welwyn Wheelers in the Under-10s race with Thomas Davies taking victory ahead of Caelan Miller (Lee Valley YCC), while James Farrer (CC Ashwell) was third.

Fastest female in the Under-10 category was Maya Tarltonof the promoting club in fifth overall, while Isabella Iscalera (HSS) was second fastest in seventh overall.

Abergavenny RC rider Daniel Wylie-Morris won the Under-8s category from Omer Prenelle (Lee Valley YCC) in second and Daniel Lloyd (San Fairy Ann CC) in third, while Victoria Asker (West Suffolk Wheelers) was the best of the girls in seventh.



1 Henry Dacosse Prestige VC

2 Tom Yiangou Prestige VC

3 Lewis Bulley LVYCC

4 Marcus Barrett Team MK

5 Anthony Anderson Kingston Wheelers

6 Matt Lansley Palmer Park Velo

7 Ollie Bates Welwyn Wheelers

8 Charles Page HSS

9 Matt Clements LVYCC

10 Cameron Gutteridge Welwyn Wheelers

11 Mosten Taylor-Crockett LVYCC

12 Josh Murphy HSS

13 Zak Corum-Haines VC Jubilee

14 Alex Jones Twickenham CC

15 George Baker Kingscliffe Flyers

16 Callum O’Hara LVYCC

17 Jame Ambrose-Parish LVYCC

18 Anna-Marie Hughes Prestige VC 1st Girl

19 Edward Wootton Diss CC

20 Cameron Bulb LVYCC

21 Amy Smith VC Jubilee 2nd Girl

22 Dylan Terry Glendene CC

23 Louis Rolfe LVYCC

24 Sophia Chastell Welwyn Wheelers 3rd Girl


1 Tim Torrie Chelmer CC

2 Louis Rose-Davies Hillingdon Slipstreamers

3 Georg Mew Jensen LVYCC

4 Theo Modell ELV

5 Matthew Shepherd LVYCC

6 Toby Miles Welwyn Wheelers

7 Simon Bird LVYCC

8 Isaac Costley CCH

9 Alexander Tarlton LVYCC

10 Callum Bulley LVYCC

11 Tom Dorkin Welwyn Wheelers

12 Ryan Green LVYCC

13 Sophie-Jo Wylie-Morris Abergavenny RC 1st Girl

14 Will Raymond Welwyn Wheelers

15 Harriet Mellor HSS 2nd Girl

16 Sophie Wright Gt Yarmouth 3rd Girl

17 Logan Demonchaux-Irons CCH

18 Anna Carter LVYCC Girl

19 Kareem Akinnibi VCL

20 Bede Geoghegan-Hart CCH

21 Matthew Asker West Suffolk Wheelers

22 Kathryn Anderson Girl

23 Not signed on

24 Kiera Tippet Essex Roads Girl

25 Millie Gage Welwyn Wheelers Girl

26 Frank Moore CCH

27 Reece Pollen CCH

28 Harry Cunningham LVYCC

29 Ben Selfe LVYCC

30 Connie Hayes LVYCC Girl

31 Lexie White LVYCC Girl

32 Lottie Dyce CC Ashwell Girl

33 Lois Byrne GYCC Girl


1 Alexi Edwards Welwyn Wheelers 20:00

2 William Davies Welwyn Wheelers

3 George Sloan VCS

4 Owen Williams LVYCC

5 Harrison Powell LVYCC

6 Aaron Freeman Chelmer CC

7 Fraser Elsworth West Suffolk Wheelers

8 Thomas Gloag VCL

9 Seth Moulgate GYCC

10 Josie Griffiths Welwyn Wheelers 1st Girl

11 Samuel Asker West Suffolk Wheelers

12 George Pace LVYCC

13 Chris Haslam GYCC

14 Becky Surridge HSS 2nd Girl

15 Felix Mackie LVYCC

16 Esram (illegible) CCH

17 Abbie Maxey Chapel Tri 3rd Girl

18 Emily Knight LVYCCGirl

19 Kai Waits CCH

20 Oisin Murphy HSS

21 Hugo Clague LVYCC

22 Liam Hanks Barking & Dagenham CC

23 India Gloag VCL Girl

24 Artie O?Regan CCH

25 Molly LLoyd CCH Girl

26 Luke Faulkner Barking & Dagenham CC

27 Molly Drew LVYCC @ 1 lap Girl

28 Helena Dyce CC Ashwell Girl

29 Andrea Ezekiel-Meade Barking & Dagenham CC Girl

30 Nathan John-Baptiste Highams Park

31 Molly Konchesky Barking & Dagenham CC Girl

32 Tas Dias LVYCCGirl

33 Imogen Chasrell Welwyn Wheelers Girl

34 Elliot Malenfant CCH

35 Taran Hunjan LVYCC

36 Holly Rolfe LVYCC Girl

37 Matthew Smith CCH

38 Ritchie Selfe LVYCC

39 Max McNamara LVYCC

40 Sarah Adeya Barking & Dagenham CC @ 2 laps

41 Billy Martin Barking & Dagenham CC

42 Murdo White LVYCC


92 Ruby Chambury (LVYCC)


1 Thomas Davies Welwyn Wheelers 15:00

2 Caelan Miller LVYCC

3 James Farrer CC Ashwell

4 Archie Sloan VC Jubilee

5 Maya Tarlton LVYCC 1st Girl

6 Luke Prenelle LVYCC

7 Isabella Iscalera HSS 2nd Girl

8 Joe Kiely Welwyn Wheelers

9 Rhys Haigh LVYCC

10 Joe Scholar LVYCC

11 Noah Hobbs

12 Mitchell Lacey Barking & Dagenham CC

13 Sammy Guage Welwyn Wheelers @ 1 lap

14 Ben Griffin Welwyn Wheelers

15 Harry Gregory CCH

16 Rudy Knight LVYCC

17 Allesandro Sella CCH

18 Jacob Turnpenny LVYCC

19 Abigail Old HSS 3rd Girl

20 Eddie Jann LVYCC

21 Gary Boyd CCH

22 Dylan McNally CCH

23 Oliver Griggs West Suffolk Wheelers

24 Carmen Bywater LVYCC @ 2 laps 4th Girl

25 Kai Hopkins Barking & Dagenham CC

26 Thomas Thatcher (unattached)


1 Daniel Wylie Morris Abergavenny RC 15:00

2 Omer Prenelle LVYCC

3 Daniel Lloyd San Fairy Ann

4 Calum Moir LVYCC

5 Joseph Hadsley Bedfordshire RC

6 Brody Knight LVYCC

7 Victoria Asker West Suffolk Wheelers 1st girl

8 Lukas Cooper LVYCC

9 Seratine Sella CCH

10 Alfie Cullender LVYCC

11 Robbie de Mon-Lyons CCH @ 1 lap

12 Bobby Babbs Chelmer CC

13 Amy Swiba LV 2nd girl

14 Kristian Haigh LVYCC

15 Eilidh White LVYCC @ 2 laps 3rd girl

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