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Women’s Grand Prix first for Otley Cycle Races

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Published: 11 February 2013

The D.M Keith Skoda Otley Cycle Races | Women's National Road Series
Location: Otley CC Clubhouse Gay Lane, Otley, West Yorkshire
Event: 3 July 2013

For the first time in its history, Otley Cycle Races will this year host a women’s Grand Prix.

Sarah Storey

The new race will be part of British Cycling’s National Women’s Series and will be known as Nuflex Muscle and Joint Gels Women’s Otley GP. Previously, women competed in the men’s classic race.

Giles Pidcock, organiser of Otley Cycle Races expressed her delight that that the event will come to fruition. “This is just great news for us. We’ve worked really hard with the police, the council and the people of Otley to make a women’s race possible but of course nothing happens until someone agrees to pay for it and this is where the Nuflex team have been brilliant.”

Nuflex products are marketed by DS Healthcare, an Otley company. Their range of warm up and cool down gels and sprays are used by many top riders to prepare their muscles and joints prior to a race or training session and to aid their recovery.

“This is just great news for us. We’ve worked really hard with the police, the council and the people of Otley to make a women’s race possible."

Giles Pidcock, organiser of Otley Cycle Races

“They helped with some sponsorship last year and as more and more people have got the Nuflex message, they’ve shown they’re happy to reinvest their success in events like this.

"We’re really proud of the relationship we have with all of our sponsors and together we’ve been able to build this event. Nuflex are also sponsoring the Otley Reliability Ride which is on the 17 February, it’s all exciting."

Paul Dove, managing director of Nuflex Muscle and Joint Gels said: “We’re delighted to be helping the creation of this new event. Even though the Otley races have been going for so many years there has never been a women’s race here.

“It is right that the epicentre of cycling in Yorkshire and the home of Lizzie Armitstead has a massive event for women to participate in which we will hope inspire more women to get involved in racing.”

We launched this range of products last year and as the message has spread we’ve found more and more racing cyclists are using the gels as part of their daily training and racing routine. We want to use the profile of this race to spread our message nationally so that everyone can choose our products and benefit from optimal race and training preparation.”

In addition to the elite Otley Cycle Races, the Reliability Ride is open to the general public. It starts off at Otley Buttercross at 9am, just turn up and pay your £3 to participate. Further details can be found here.

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