The Future of Road Racing in the North East - it needs you!

The Future of Road Racing in the North East - it needs you!

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Published by British Cycling on behalf of the North East region - 4 July 2012

Racing on the roads in the North East Region is facing a crisis. The steady decline of road races will continue unless we address the challenges facing the sport. We need you and the racing community to step forward and contribute in the organisation and running of road races which we hope will result in a full calendar of events.

Over the last few years local police policy has meant that we have lost all racing in County Durham. In parts of North Yorkshire, used by Teesside clubs, we have to employ a costly traffic management scheme which has made most road racing economically unviable. In Tyneside/Northumberland area there are a limited number of race officials. In general across the region there are too few volunteer organisers to enable a full road racing calendar.

There are 1,500 British Cycling senior members in the North East with 400 holding a racing licence. There are 40 British Cycling registered clubs in the North East but only nine clubs organising races. So there is a great opportunity for you to get involved and get road racing back in the North East. No club is too small and individuals can join together to organise events. There is plenty of support and advice available from local British Cycling officials and the regional board members.

Who organises races and why? The answer is people like you! The sport relies on volunteers and now more than ever we need more. Individuals, small teams and clubs can all contribute to put something back into the sport. We need more organisers and volunteers or the decline in events will continue.

So how can you or your club help?

British Cycling registered events must have race officials/commissaires to ensure that regulations and fair play are adhered to. Volunteering in the sport is not only a great way to put something back but it can also be great fun, and is a fantastic opportunity to meet like-minded people with a passion for the sport. If you volunteer you will receive free training as well as support and guidance as you progress in the role. Knowledge of cycle racing is useful but not essential. As a region we have identified that we need an additional 15 volunteers to be trained as commissaires to help us to develop the calendar for our members.

We need you and your team or club to get involved and volunteer to become a race organiser, helper, marshal, or race official/commissaire. We can offer training, guidance and equipment but without YOU the decline will continue. Act now and support the region to revitalise road racing by contacting Andrew or Peter stating how you want to get involved.

What to do - Please contact (07940 302 065) or 637 073) for further information