Road: James takes victory in Ford CC Series

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Location: Ford Dunton Test Track, Basildon, Essex
Event: 28 June 2012
Report: Snowdon Sports

Essex Roads CC rider Andy James secured victory in the latest round of the Ford CC Go Race Series staged at Ford’s test track at Dunton on Thursday evening.

James held off the winner of the previous round, Dan Babbs (Chelmer CC) to take the win by just one second, while veteran API rider Mick Bath took third spot.

50 riders started the fifth race of the series in warm sunny conditions. Primes were awarded after laps 3, 7 and10, all of them being taken by Jason Fitchew (Ford CC).

The strong westerly wind meant any breaks were difficult, and no attacks were successful. However, with half a lap to go there was contact in the bunch resulting in injuries to John Stone (Maldon CC), David Whitlock, and Graham Pearl (Southend Wheelers), the latter being hospitalised with a broken collar bone, cracked ribs and a punctured lung.

Many thanks to all those who helped at the scene. The organiser reports that all are recovering well.


1 Andy James Essex Roads CC Senior 80

2 Daniel Babbs Chelmer CC Senior 79

3 Mick Bath API Veteran 78

4 Colin McPherson 0 Veteran 77

5 Graham Masters Eagle RC Veteran 76

6 Martin Elms Southend Wheelers Veteran 75

7 Jason Fitchew Ford CC Veteran 74

8 Tim Pettit Essex Roads CC Veteran 73

9 Martin Ryan Ford CC Veteran 72

10 Tim Wood Chelmer CC Veteran 71

11 John White 0 Veteran 70

12 Paul Spiceley Glendene CC Veteran 69

13 Paul Ruffy Essex Roads CC Senior 68

14 Jamie Barton Gateway CC Senior 67

15 Mark Alsop Maldon CC Veteran 66

16 John Woyton Glendene CC Veteran 65

17 Scott Clark Chelmer CC Veteran 64

18 Colin King Glendene CC Senior 63

19 Bob Flack Ford CC Veteran 62

20 Billy Stewart Essex Roads CC Veteran 61

21 Rob Reynolds 0 Veteran 60

22 John McMahon Essex Roads CC Veteran 59

23 Russell Tribley Chelmer CC Veteran 58

24 Paul Green Essex Roads CC Veteran 57

25 Jack Toland 0 Veteran 56

26 Darren De-Beger Glendene CC Veteran 55

27 Simon Constable Essex Roads CC Senior 54

28 Steve Tidiman Essex Roads CC Veteran 53

29 John Sanderson VC Revolution Senior 52

30 Graeme Murry Essex Roads CC Veteran 51

31 James Badman 0 Veteran 50

32 Jonathan 'Pool Chelmer CC Junior 49

33 Brian Scarboro Gemini CC Veteran 48

34 Alan Cope Old Gits Veteran 47

35 Brian Farrow Maldon CC Veteran 46

36 Kevin Thomas Essex Roads CC Senior 45

37 Michael Travers 0 Senior 44

British Cycling would like to thank the organising team, officials and everyone else who helped promote this event. Our sport could not exist without the hundreds of people, many of them unpaid volunteers, who put in many hours of hard work running events, activities and clubs.