Shutt Squadra Donne Ladies Cycle Racing Team Launch

Shutt Squadra Donne Ladies Cycle Racing Team Launch

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This weekend Shutt Velo Rapide saw the launch of the newly announced Shutt – Squadra Donne Ladies Cycle Racing Team take place at the company’s new office in Mixbury, Oxfordshire. The launch saw the riders don their new racing gear while battling the wintry elements for their photo shoot.

Above: Team Shutt Squadra Donne (from left to right: Tracey Dresch, Saskia Hook, Gail Aspden, Sarah Kennedy, Karen Poole).

“Shutt Velo Rapide has come a long way since the company was founded in 2009. The Shutt – Squadra Donne Ladies Cycle Racing Team launch is testament to this and shows our commitment to our customers and to the sport,” said Pete Bragg, managing director for Shutt Velo Rapide. “As a growing British-brand we want to be able to give back to the sport we love and this sponsorship is a way for us to do this.”

The launch also presented the opportunity for the riders to meet all their sponsors. These included new 2012 sponsor Sportstest, as well existing sponsors Bikefood and C Originals.

“Good to see so many of the team at our launch, not just the riders but the team behind them that makes sure they are the best outfitted team in the peloton this season with great designed race clothing and a brand new helmet unveiled for the first time. I am sure that we will all have great fun racing this season and I just cannot wait for it all to start. I am continually impressed with the care and service that we receive from Shutt Velo Rapide but not surprised – that is who they are,” said Jon Miles, Team Manager for Shutt – Squadra Donne Ladies Cycle Racing Team. “There are some very strong teams in women's racing this season so it is going to be a hard fought race calendar. Looking at our riders and sponsors, we definitely have the team that will do very well this year.”