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Women's 2010 National Circuit Race Championship

Posted August 6, 2010
(Entries so far)

Update: Despite repeated news on a need for female riders (Junior/Senior/Masters) for the 2010 Women's Circuit Race Championships in Preston, there is still little joy for the organiser despite the offer of a £1,000 pound prize list on offer. Riders can enter on the line and are urged to do so to support organisers that are supporting Women's racing.

Previously ...

Two thirds of the way through the busiest season of cycle racing ever, the entries for the Preston Grand Prix Youth races, the National Women’s Circuit Race Championships and the Regional B support event have dried up. With the headline event, the final round of the Elite Circuit Series, having a great entry list of 70 riders, it is the support races that are lacking in riders.

"I am at a loss to explain why" says organiser Ivor Armstrong. "The City centre circuit will be fantastic, finishing under the massive Preston covered market and it is becoming hard to justify the £1,000 prize money for the Women’s Championship race with less than 20 entries."

Entries are invited for all categories of Youth, Women and 3rd and 4th category riders. The entry forms and prices are on the CDNW website.

Riders may also enter on the line at a £2.00 premium

Events August 8, 2010

     10:00 - Youth D / E Circuit Race
     10:20 - Youth C Circuit Race
     10:45 - Youth B (Boys & Girls) Circuit Race
     11:15 - Youth A (Boys & Girls) Circuit Race
     11:50 - Women’s Race Warm-up
     12:00 - Women’s National Circuit Race Championships
     12:45 - Women’s and Youth Presentations
     12:45 - Families’ Circuit Ride
     13:15 - Elite Men Warm-up
     13:30 - The Final Round of the British Cycling Elite Men’s Circuit Race Series
     14:40 - Elite Men’s Presentation
     14:45 - Regional B Race Warm-up
     15:00 - The CDNW ‘Preston Flyer’ Reg. B Circuit Race