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Story posted April 12, 2010; Report: Ian  McVety, Photos Ian McVety & SportsSunday Event Photography | Event: 11-Apr-2010, Kent Valley RC (Old Hutton)

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Elite,1,2’s Race -- Stephens and Cuming tie for victory

Inseparable -- that was the result of the Cycling Development North West’s 78 mile road race around the tough Cumbrian roads near the market town of Kirkby  Lonsdale on Sunday. The rider/manager of Sigma Sport Specialized RT, Matt Stephens and Team Raleigh’s Mike Cuming crossed the line locked together after a hard fought battle according to CDNW’S judge, John Mallinson.

After an initial breakaway by Alistair Rutherford (Science in Sport) on the third lap, he was soon joined by Laurie Brooking who is a second year Junior with Team Herbalife/Wheelbase. Also joining the lone leader were Tom Last and Matt Stephens (Sigma Sport Specialized Cycling Team), Ashley Finn (Cyclepremier – Metaltek) and Mike Cuming, (Team Raleigh). The group worked well together on what was a fine Spring morning where the course was overlooked by the Howgills and The Lakes in some fine countryside.

The leading group head through The Plantation

With three laps to go, it was time for some of the other riders, frustrated at not making the break, to reveal their cards on the main climb on the Kendal to Kirkby Lonsdale Road. Using this tough hill as a spring board to launch themselves out of the group, Malcolm Elliott (Motorpoint-Marshalls Pasta RT), Tom Barras (Team Raleigh), Dillon Byrne (Team Herbalife/Wheelbase), Andy Coupe (Team Wallis CHH) and Kit Gilham and James Williamson, (Sigma Sport Specialized Cycling Team) all got clear and bridged the gap.

Malcolm Elliot (Motorpoint Marshalls Pasta RT) leads up the climb

After hearing the bell, Matt Stephens made his move and seemingly effortlessly, the vastly experienced rider rode away from the group with only Cumming capable of responding. In the dramatic sprint for the line, it was neck and neck as the pair came in to view, matching each other up the steepest part of the climb only to then have to battle on for the line where the photo finish camera was unable to decide the winner.

Joint winners: Matt Stephens (Sigma Sport Specialized Cycling Team) and Mike Cuming, (Team Raleigh)

During that last lap, Stephens and Cuming had eked out a lead of 1’57” over the bunch where Tom Last, Stephen’s team mate who had just returned from Ireland where he had ridden the Tour of The North, sprinted in for third place from what was left of the original break.

Results (full results below)

1. Matt Stephens, Sigma Sport Specialized Cycling Team 3:04:07
1. Mike Cuming,  Team Raleigh, @ST
3. Tom Last,  Sigma Sport Specialized Cycling Team @1:57
4. Simon Yates, Maxgear RT 2:30
5. Malcolm Elliot,  Motorpoint - Marshalls Pasta RT 2:35
6. Tom Barras, Team Raleigh, @ST

Category 3/4
The support race was as equally well contested as the Elite one. Mike Marshall from Yorkshire Velo made no bones about what he wanted from the race. On the first lap, he soloed away from the group and it took a set of chasing riders three laps to catch him. Mark Hammersley (Wheelguru Cycling Club), Jack Bowyer (Team Wallis CHH), Scott Morley (Lune RCC), and Lee Baldwin (Buxton CC/Sett Valley Cycles) set off in pursuit and after some strong riding by Marshall he was eventually reeled in. The final sprint up the finishing hill was a mirror image of the main race with Hammersley just beating Harry Grey (Birkenhead North End) to the line.

Mark Hammersley (Wheelguru Cycling Club) takes the win from Harry Grey (Birkenhead North End)

1 Mark Hammersley Wheelguru Cycling Club 2:55:06
2 Harry Grey Birkenhead North End @ST
3 Jack Bowyer Team Wallis CHH @ST
4 Steven Clarke Bike Wear @ST
5 Stephen Smith Birkenhead North End @ST

Photos from Sportsunday Event Photography

Full Results

1. Matt Stephens, Sigma Sport Specialized Cycling Team 3:04:07
1. Mike Cuming,  Team Raleigh, @ST
3. Tom Last,  Sigma Sport Specialized Cycling Team @1:57
4. Simon Yates, Maxgear RT 2:30
5. Malcolm Elliot,  Motorpoint - Marshalls Pasta RT 2:35
6. Tom Barras, Team Raleigh, @ST
7. Dillon Byrne, Herbal Life / Wheelbase @ST
8. Kit Gilham, Sigma Sport Specialized Cycling Team @ST
9. Ashley Finn Cyclepremier- Metaltek @ST
10. Andy Coupe, Team Wallis CHH @ST
11. James Williamson, Sigma Sport Specialized Cycling Team 2:50
12. Laurie Brooking, Herbal Life / Wheelbase 2:58
13. Matthew Holmes, Team Wallis CHH 3:08
14. Grahame Sumner, Great Britain Fire Service (FSSAA) 3:57
15. Adam Yates,  Maxgear RT @ST
16. Ian Taylor Team Bglobal @ST
17. Dean Hitchings Maxgear RT @ST
18. Stuart Henry Herbal Life / Wheelbase 5:38
19. Jack Pullar Herbal Life / Wheelbase 5:42
20. Robert Crampton,  Wills Wheels CC @ST
21. Andrew Hawdon, Herbal Life / Wheelbase 5:53
22. Jonny Knox, Herbal Life / Wheelbase 6:04
23. Conan Mayman, Raleigh Racing Team 6:12
24. Colin Ash Activ Cycles-Fentimans RT @ST
25. Shane O'Neill, GS Surosa 6:18
26. Andy Guy,  Science In  6:27
27. Mike Gregg. Team Pro Bike Kit 6:39
28.  Andy Tinsley,  Science In @ST
29. Ian Sim,  Great Britain Fire Service (FSSAA) @ST
30. Adrian Lawrence, MK Cycles/Pannone @ST
31. Lewis Balyckyi, Team Wallis CHH 7:00
32. Chris Sherriffs,  Team Wallis CHH
33. Steven Ward,  Maxgear RT,  7:33
34. John Rigby, St Helens CRC @ST
35. Ryan Bonser, Wheelguru Cycling Club @ST
36. Raymond Turner, Newcastle Pheonix 7:41
37. Stephen Leigh, Team Bglobal  15:00

Category 3/4/Women
1. Mark Hammersley, Wheelguru Cycling Club 2:55:06
2. Harry Grey, Birkenhead North End @ST
3. Jack Bowyer, Team Wallis CHH @ST
4. Steven Clarke,  @ST
5. Stephen Smith, Birkenhead North End @ST
6. Hamish Fletcher-Cooney,  Private Member @ST
7. Lee Baldwin, Buxton CC/Settt Valley Cycles @ST
8. Jared Minnican, Lakes Road Club @ST
9. Chris Rees Thompson, VS Cycles, Brighouse @10s
10. Craig Eden, Coveryourcar / Cover Zone @16s
11. Sam Clark,  Buxton CC/Settt Valley Cycles @18s
12. Gordon Leicester, Warrington Road Club  1:55
13. Garth McColville, Honister 92 @ST
14. Riding with wrong number @ST
15. Andrew Pickering, Lune RCC @ST
16. Rob Ormrod, Manchester Wheelers Club @ST
17. Scott Morley, Lune RCC, @ST
18. Spencer Coltman, Southport CC  @ST
19. Keith Ashbridge, VC Cumbria/Lakeland Sprinters @ST
20. Dennis Lang, Clayton Velo, @ST
21. John Sherriffs, Team Wallis CHH @ST
22. Scott Smith, Lakes Road Club @ST
23. Ben Hookway, Wills Wheels CC @ST
24. Michael Tomlinson, Wheelguru Cycling Club @ST
25. Neil Baxter, Activ Cycles-Fentimans RT  @ST
26.  Martin Fothergill, Lancashire RC @ST
27. Jason Pickford,  Wills Wheels CC, @ST
28. Clive Davis, Lune RCC, @ST
29. Gary Vose,  Lune RCC @2:30
30. David Lowe, Wills Wheels CC, @ST
31. Mike Marshall, Yorkshire Velo, 3:40
32. Adrian Dalgleish,  Lune RCC 4:30
33. Andrew McCann,  Team Wallis CHH 7:05
34. Jonathan Day,  Wills Wheels CC @ST
35.Andy Newby, Weaver Valley CC, 7:44
36. Paulo Brucciani,  Lune RCC 9:22
37. Andrew Grice,Southport CC @ST
38. Peter Ware St Helens CRC @ST
39. Michael Rawson,  St Helens CRC 9:34
40. John Agnew, Lune RCC  @1 Lap
41. Gareth Longbottom, Team Wallis CHH @ST
42. Sam Huddleston, Herbal Life / Wheelbase @ST
43. Calum Campbell,  Border City Wheelers @ST
44. Neil Robinson, Lune RCC @ST
45. Kevin Gibbons Border City Wheelers @ST