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Imperial Winter Series Finale

Story posted February 19, 2010; Lucy, Doug and Richard (

Such is the popularity of the Imperial Winter Series at Hillingdon, Southfork Racing travelled all the way from the West Country and raced with much conviction to enliven the E/1/2/3 race -- they will be a team to watch in the forthcoming season. Also supporting but choosing not to race was the E/1/2/3 race overall series winner Phill Sykes (Sigma Sport).

Again generous primes were provided by Stuart Stow’s performance sportswear company,, and as in previous weeks these were keenly contested with some spirited attacking, particularly in the 3rd ‘s race.  Chief Commissaire, Mick Clark, provided the briefing for the last week emphasising the need to maintain the high standards achieved in the last few races and focusing on the close fought race for points in the 3rd’s series.

Despite a strong early break from Tim Benham (DHCyclesport) and prime winner Jonathan Shubert (Veruiam CC), the race ended in a sprint with Tristan Natoli (AW Cycles) winning from Ralph Keeler (Cambridge CC) and James Dunsbier (London Dynamo). In the final series rankings Alan Strang (Dulwich Paragon) overhauled William Platt (Kingston Wheelers) by some 30 points and Tim Benham completed the podium by leaping over Steven Jackson (Rollapaluza CC), the latter moving up to the E/1/2/3 class having already gained his 2nd cat licence.

In the 4th cat race it stayed together with the finish strongly contested and the win going to Stuart Kistruck (Twickenham CC) who got the better of Toby Kerr (Addiscombe CC) and Kerr’s team mate Richard Hosking.

Another excellent entry in the E/1/2/3 saw a ferocious start as there were overall places up for grabs. John Heaton-Armstrong (Cycles Dauphin), Vince Halpern (AW Cyles) and Henry Furniss (WyndyMilla) started the action by opening a 15 second gap from a very fast moving group. They were caught after 5km but this was followed by a lone attack from the West Country visitor Blake Pond (Southfork Racing).

It was always going to be very difficult with the strong north-westerly wind blowing down the finish straight and finally he came back to the shelter of the main group. There then followed a more serious attempt to break clear from James Astbury (DHCyclesport/Colnago) with James Leach (Onelife-Fuga RT) finding his old form and Alex Higham (WyndyMilla). Although they worked well together and the move looked very promising, their efforts came to nothing, mainly as a result of Halpern, Jason Streather (VC St Raphael) and Steve Golla (Sigma Sport) pulling really hard at the front of the main group.

Another lone break with only 10km to go by Richard Mason (Cycles Dauphin) was a valiant effort, again with Golla pulling it back together. Then with just 6km to go, Furniss attacked furiously up the finishing straight into the wind with Ewen McDonald (Epic Cyles) latching on with Gary Chambers (Southfork Racing) making up the trio.

They formed a smooth working group and very quickly opened a gap of 25 seconds and seemed to have mastered the difficult conditions while the main group became a little raggedy. Felix English took advantage of this and moved off the front and stayed clear but could not reach the flying trio and was swallowed up by the main group on the run in.

In thay run in to the finish, Furniss lead out, he had the experience to know the line to take and although both Chambers and McDonald pushed him to the limit he held on for a well deserved and popular first win in the series which he had supported throughout. The main group was lead in some 40 seconds later by Golla who just got the better of Pond, George Olive (Finchley RT) and Halpern which enabled both Golla and Halpern to score valuable series points. A worthy finish to another outstanding race, despite the inclement weather.

Finally Lucy Collins stepped up to set the scene for a spectacular prize presentation (aided by sister Tracey) including the lucky rider’s prizes and fittingly many riders stayed to acknowledge the overall winners and a special tribute was paid to Phil Sykes for his outstanding ride. We were grateful to have the prize presentation attended by newly appointed British Cycling Regional Officer Mark Doel who presented all the winner’s trophies and participated in the Lucky Rider’s Prizes which seemed to leave riders new to the series slightly bemused!

Ed Rose was a lucky rider, winning the Sigma Sport £100 voucher which will probably go towards new kit to replace the shorts he scuffed up in the race. Stuart Stow won the Sigma Sport £75 voucher.

A big thank you again to all the riders and officials who supported the race series and in particular our First Aider Alison Grant who was kept more than busy at times! And finally to Harry, Tom and Isabel Collins who through thick and thin icy conditions kept everyone warm with coffee, tea and cakes and made the cold slightly more bearable – next year we will all be inside in the new accommodation!

Everyone left happy and looking forward to the coming season and hopefully 4th December for the start of the new Imperial Winter Series 2010/2011 - possibly with a slightly changed format? Thank you also to our regular bloggers who provided valuable insight into their thoughts and opinions as well as those of you who praised, criticised and commented throughout. Thank you to our regular sponsors and Sigma Sport.


1st  Henry Furniss WyndyMilla
2nd  Gary Chambers Southfork Racing
3rd  Ewen McDonald Epic Cycles RC
4th  Steve Golla Sigma Sport
5th  Blake Pond Southfork Racing
6th  George Olive Finchley RT
7th  Vincent Halpern A W Cycles.Co.Uk
8th  Richard Mason Cycles Dauphin
9th  Jo Skelton Brixton Cycles
10th  Jason Streather vc st raphael
11th  James Astbury DHcyclesport/Colnago
12th  John Heaton-Armstrong Cycles Dauphin
13th  James Leach Onelife-Fuga Racing Team
14th  Jerzy Kuzminski London Phoenix
15th  Martin Garratt London Dynamo
16th  Gianluca Cappello VC Meudon
17th  Mark Edwards Hillingdon Triathletes
18th  Mark Sussex Southfork Racing
19th  James Jones Beeline RT
20th  Alex Pantelides Twickenham CC
21st  Paul Alderson SWRC
22nd  Tim Benham DHCycles
23rd  Matthew Myers Twickenham CC
24th  Thomas Bell Twickenham CC
25th  Robert Moore London Phoenix CC
26th  Steve Legg RT316
27th  Gavin Ryan London Dynamo
28th  Rupert Beale Onelife-Fuga Racing Team
29th  Sam Grant West Drayton M.B.C.
30th  Declan Higgins Twickenham CC
31st  Lawrence Carpenter Hillingdon Slipstreamers
32nd  Michael Widera
33rd  Bill Butterworth Team Quest
34th  Nick Beale Onelife-Fuga Racing Team
35th  Dave Woods CC Luton
36th  Cosmo Kedros WyndyMilla
37th  Stuart Stow Twickenham CC
38th  Thomas Sutherland Twickenham CC
39th  Grant Grant private member
40th  Nat Spurling Finsbury Park
41st  Richard Collins Imperial Racing Team
42nd  Geoff Powell High Wycombe CC
43rd  Charlie Fawke Onelife CyclingDevSquad
44th  Mark Northover private member
45th  Felix English Team Pearson Cycles
46th  Mario Manelfi private member
47th  Simon Henley Team Corley Cycles
48th  Stoyko Bussarov Imperial Racing Team
49th  Alex Higham WyndyMilla
50th  Alex Peterson A W Cycles.Co.Uk
51st  Tom Smith Felt-Colbornes RT
52nd  Yasuyuki Sakurai Brixton Cycles
E/1/2/3 Final Overall
1st  Phill Sykes Sigma Sport
2nd  Jo Skelton Brixton Cycles
3rd  John Heaton-Armstrong Cycles Dauphin
4th  Henry Furniss WyndyMilla
5th  Steve Golla Sigma Sport
6th  Vincent Halpern A W Cycles.Co.Uk
7th  Felix English Team Pearson Cycles
8th  Jason Streather vc st raphael
9th  Paul Alderson SWRC
10th  Gianluca Cappello VC Meudon
11th  Jerzy Kuzminski Private Member
12th  Mark Edwards Hillingdon Triathletes
13th  Jerone Walters Sigma Sport
14th  Mark Ottaway vc meudon
15th  Michael Widera
16th  Jon Dibben Hargroves Cycles
17th  Jason Edwards V C Meudon
18th  Matthew Myers Twickenham CC
19th  Richard Mason Cycles Dauphin
20th  Jules Birks V C Londres
21st  Phil Holloway southend wheelers
22nd  Martin Garratt London Dynamo
23rd  Harry Bulstrode DH Cyclesport
24th  Robert Moore London Phoenix CC
25th  Owen Lake Cambridge CC
25th  Taylor Johnson Team De Ver
27th  James Leach Onelife-Fuga Racing Team
27th  Angus MacAlister Norwood Paragon
29th  Arjan Planting Affinity
29th  Adam Cotterell In Gear Cycling Dev Squad
31st  James Stuart Norwood Paragon
31st  Stuart Spies London Dynamo
33rd  Daniel Rudd Arctic RT
33rd  Robert King AW Cycles
33rd  Ben Moores Norwood Paragon
33rd  Alex Pantelides Twickenham CC
37th  Martin Dawkins Team Quest
37th  Richard Da Silva Stevenage CC
37th  Charlie Heffernan VC Jubilee
40th  Michael Hill Team Quest
40th  John Alderman VC Meudon
42nd  Lawrence Carpenter Hillingdon Slipstreamers
42nd  Oliver Rossi Corridori CC
44th  Moritz Jobke Private Member
44th  Daniel McCulloch Private Member
46th  Conor Dunne Glendene CC
46th  Simon Whiten Imperial Racing Team
46th  Ashley Holding VC Meudon
46th  Steven Jackson Rollapaluza CC
50th  Luke Ollett Inverse/Bike Food
50th  Lily Matthews 100% Me
50th  Thomas Bell Twickenham CC
53rd  David Baker P S UK RT

3rd Category
1st  Tristan Natoli AWCycles
2nd  Ralph Keeler Cambridge CC
3rd  James Dunsbier London Dynamo
4th  Matt O'Callaghan Exiles CC
5th  Alan Strang Dulwich Paragon
6th  Tim Benham
7th  Mark Northover CC Giro
8th  Alex Turner FVS Tri
9th  Ian Redding TimeRT-TerryWrightCycles
10th  Piers Curle Exciles
11th  Andrew Harvey Kingston Wheelers
12th  Ed Rose Progression Fitness
13th  Jeremy Hewitt Kingston Wheelers CC
14th  Phil Adams CC Ashwell
15th  Jacek Reder private member
16th  Chris Grange Hemel Hempstead
17th  Jon Noton Inverse Racing/Bikefood
18th  Gordon Kenneway London Dynamo
19th  Christopher Wright Private Member
20th  Dave Ryan Imperial Racing Team
21st  Mark Chan Dulwich Paragon
22nd  Simon North Hemel Hempstead CC/TORQ
23rd  Peter Dixon Willesden CC
24th  Jai Watson Dulwich Paragon CC
25th  Peter Jones Hillingdon Cycling Club
26th  Robin Osborne London Dynamo CC
27th  Andy Lack Kingston Wheelers
28th  Rune Sanbeck Nilsson  London Dynamo
29th  Wayne Thomas Reading CC
30th  Richard Rose Progression Fitness
31st  Kieron Redmond Dulwich Paragon CC
32nd  Mark O'Brien Archer RC
33rd  Josh Vicino VC Meudon
34th  Paul Redman Thames Velo
35th  Nigel Burns St Ives CC
36th  Nick Franzini London Dynamo
37th  James Stratton London Dynamo CC
38th  David Webborn London Dynamo CC
39th  Matt Treadwell Twickenam CC
40th  Peter Bolke DHcyclesport/Colnago
41st  Rosara Joseph private member
1st  Alan Strang Dulwich Paragon
2nd  William Platt Kingston Wheelers CC
3rd  Tim Benham
4th  Steven Jackson Rollapaluza CC
5th  Ed Rose Progression Fitness
6th  Mark Northover CC Giro
7th  Nathan Smith  London Phoenix
8th  Ralph Keeler Cambridge CC
9th  Andy Angwin London Phoenix
10th  Jacek Reder private member
11th  Alex Turner FVS Tri
12th  Tom Neale Spalding CC
13th  Gordon Kenneway London Dynamo
14th  Jon Noton Inverse Racing/Bikefood
15th  Phil Adams CC Ashwell
16th  Andy Edwards Kingston Wheelers CC
16th  Matt O'Callaghan Exiles CC
18th  James Lowden lewes wanderers
19th  James Dunsbier London Dynamo
19th  Jai Watson Dulwich Paragon CC
21st  Josh Maynard Welwyn Wheelers
21st  Craig McLean London Dynamo
23rd  Ralph Carter London Dynamo
24th  Mark Chan Dulwich Paragon
24th  Phillip Burgess Norwood Paragon CC
24th  Roland Chuter private member
27th  Ben Jacobs London Dynamo
27th  Peter Dixon Willesden CC
27th  Ben Moores Norwood Paragon CC
30th  Andrew Brown Gregarios Superclub Ciclista
30th  Ian Redding TimeRT-TerryWrightCycles
32nd  Krisitian Borbely Sigma Sport
32nd  Chris Long T.V.S. Sherborne
34th  Andrew Harvey Kingston Wheelers
34th  Stuart Stow Twickenham CC
34th  Peter Giddings VC Walcot
34th  Luke Ollett Inverse/Bike Food
38th  David Murrell London Phoenix
38th  Thomas Sutherland Twickenham CC
38th  wayne thomas Reading CC
38th  Przemyslaw Gregarios Superclub Ciclista
42nd  Calum MacLean Edinburgh RC
42nd  Dave Ryan Imperial Racing Team
42nd  Rich Cooper Willesden CC
42nd  Richard Gordon South Western RC
46th  David Webborn London Dynamo CC
47th  Steven Noble London Dynamo
47th  Paul Troughton London Pheonix/Wheelbase
47th  Paul Stedman Reading CC
47th  Jon Lewis Charlotteville CC
47th  Jon Pybus awcycles
47th  Piers Curle Exciles
53rd  sean molyneux Metropolitan Police CC
53rd  Alex Pantelides Twickenham CC
53rd  Anthony Rogers Brighton Excelsior CC
56th  Robin Osborne London Dynamo CC
56th  Charlie Pearch Rapha Condor
56th  Andrew Stronge London Dynamo
59th  Jeremy Hewitt Kingston Wheelers CC
59th  Stoyko Bussarov Imperial Racing Team
61st  Rob Pelham Lewes Wanderers
62nd  Justin Lord GS Henley
62nd  Clinton Thomas lonon dynamo
64th  Gregg James Behind The Bike Shed
64th  Mark Smith Welwyn Wheelers
64th  Ben Knowles London Phoenix
64th  Simon North Hemel Hempstead CC/TORQ
64th  Chris Grange Hemel Hempstead
4th Category
1st  Stuart Kistruck Twickenham CC
2nd  Toby Kerr Addiscombe CC
3rd  Richard Hosking Addiscombe CC
4th  Rob Griffiths London Phoenix
5th  Will Slack London Dynamo
6th  Chris Beard Private member
7th  Simon Howard South Western RC
8th  Ken Powell High Wycombe CC
9th  Stephen Thompson WyndyMilla
10th  James Birrell Exiles
11th  Neil Heffernan Inverse Racing/Bikefood
12th  Dominic Southworth private member
13th  Gregg Barber Charlotteville CC
14th  William McGuinness rollapaluza
15th  Ralph de Kanter Private
16th  Richard Walden Kingston Wheelers
17th  Phil Wege Inverse Racing
18th  Stuart Bettis Private member
19th  Roger Richards Dulwich Paragon
20th  Paul Bannard Team Terminator
21st  Dan Gillow Private Member
22nd  Constantin Mayer Private member
23rd  R Goodwin Private Member
24th  Dave Larkin Theam Velo Sportif
25th   WyndyMilla
26th  Donald Lance Woodman Willesden CC
27th  Chris Zavos London Dynamo
28th  Chris Goodman VC Londres
29th  Monica DaPolenza
30th  Clive Green London Dynamo
31st  Marcelo Brodzinski Kingston Wheelers
32nd  Dan Haynes Inverse Racing/ Bikefood
33rd  Stuart Hale Reading CC
34th  Matt Dunsbier Bad Tri
35th  Martin Porter Thames Velo
36th  Simon Parton Kingston Wheelers
37th  Chris Hewitt Kingston Wheelers CC
38th  Alex Murray London Dynamo
39th  Sarah Yates Private member
Imperial Winter Series 2010/2011 Hillingdon
Starts: 4th December 2010
Youth Races
Under 16s  
1st Frazier Carr, PPV  
2nd Robert Mackenzie, Solihull CC  
3rd Dan McKimm, BCDS (Bristol)  
4th Tanveer Mann  
5th Harry Franklin, VC Londres  
6th Callum Oliver  
7th Richard Shaw, BCDS  
8th George Withers, PPV  
9th Charley Bradley, BCDS  
10th Louis Fawke  
11th Josh Kenway, Camden Triri Girls  
1st Emily Barnes, PPV  
Under 14s  
1st Jack Hoyle, PPYCC  
2nd Louis Magnani  
3rd Matt Hill, VC Jubilee  
4th David Barnes, PPV  
5th Hugo Cauvas, HHYCC  
6th Simon Passey  
DNF Tom Franklin, HHYCC  
1st Katie Metalli, BCDS  
2nd Kim English, PPV
3rd Megan Lewis, VC Jubilee
4th Laura Cheesman, PPYCC

Under 12s
1st Joseph Linehan, PPV
2nd Ben Smith
3rd Michael Parry, Welwyn Wheelers
4th Charles Page
5th Carl Jolly
6th Louis Rose-Davies

No entries

Under 10s
1st Harry Tadman  
2nd Tom Durkin, Welwyn Wheelers  
DNF Thomas Barrowcliffe  
1st Bethany Lewis, V C Jubilee  
2nd Anna Linehan, PPV  
3rd Emma-Louise Stilwell  
Under 8s  
1st Oliver Slack  
2nd Harvey Tadman  
3rd Kye Lewis  
NB. Hillingdon Slipstreamers unless otherwise stated.  
Youth Series Final Placing   13/2/2010  
The overall series results are for the five races from 16th January to 13th February, based on points awarded for taking part in at least three races and for finishing first, second or third in age category in each race.

Under 16s
1st Tanveer Mann,
2nd Robert Mackenzie, Solihull CC,
3rd Josh Maynard, Welwyn Whhelers

Under 14s
1st Louis Magnani,
2nd Jack Hoyle, PPYCC,
3rd Max Stedman, PPV

1st Girl Kim English, PPV,
2nd Girl Kirsten Savage

Under 12s
1st Ben Smith,
2nd Charles Page,
3rd Daniel Tullett, PPV

Under 10s
1st Tom Durkin, Welwyn Wheelers,
2nd Harry Tadman,
3rd Ben Tullett, PPV

1st Girl Emma-Louise Stilwell

Under 8s
1st Oliver Slack,
2nd Harvey Tadman,
3rd Kye Lewis
NB. Hillingdon Slipstreamers unless otherwise stated