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Listen Up! West Mids CDWM Youth races

Posted: 3rd February 2010 | Source: Tim Buckle

Olympic Talent Coach Tim Buckle gives you the inside line on an exciting new series of youth races in the West Midlands region and a fresh new angle on circuit racing. Tim describes the format below, in his own unique style...

"Right this is it, this is what we have all been waiting for! Our own races for us and the kind of races we want to do! Not only that, the races are gonna be fun and not what you expect on closed circuits. We will not be tied to our own age cats but will be able to get stuck in and possibly get the opportunity to challenge the geezers that you have aimed at having a go at for months. If you get in a group and kick butt, you will able to move over to a group that is more challenging.

On the flip side, you will not just be chucked in a group to get a hammering. You will get in a group that suits where you are at this time! This is not being a looser, it just means you will then be able to have a go and get in the groove of racing, not just end up time-trialling around on your own.

Another top thing about this CDWM thing is this - you will be coached! You will be able to learn from your mistakes and other rider's mistakes and each other's achievements. Performance, not just results, will be what counts here. If you’ve been to any DHL Sprint Schools then you will know the score.   You will come to this and go away thinking “Right, next time I will not do that again, and I need to get better round them bends so - do some practice!”

These are not going to be 12k eight rider up races that just leave you wanting more, these are going to be big bunch top races that will vary from week to week and be worth travelling for. You will be guaranteed two races a day, some short some long.  This will stop all that “lets race the 3rds and 4th race!” 

Lets get this thing going -- it will be only as good as you make it, so come on, bring your mates and lets get a party atmosphere with it. It’ll be fun free to fail and learn action.

Dates of the races provisionally are:
March 7 Tudor Grange Solihull
Aplril 17 Tudor Grange Solihull
May 29  Curborough Lichfield
June 27 Curborough Lichfield
July 17 Sundorne Shrewsbury
(by the way these sessions  will not be the usual way you've seen these circuits used before)

August 28 Lichfield TOWN CENTRE!!!!

For more info, Go here -- http://new.britishcycling.org.uk/group/Cycling_Development_West_Midlands

Another top thing here is that we have got stars of our sport to back what we are doing and they will be turning up to lend a hand and giving their names to groups -- I reckon you will know them.

Rob Hayles!
Liam Killeen!!
Jess Varnish!!!
Andy Tennant!!!!

We want YOU!