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Susie's Circuit Racing (Thruxton)

Sunday, June 14, 2009
Graham Robins ( Report & Photos

Warm bright sunshine and no wind, surely this cannot be Thruxton? Racing got underway with the juniors on the main circuit and the youths on the pit lane circuit. Then it was the turn of the 4th Cat riders in a 10 lap race. Lap after lap and no one wanting to take up the running, then as they got sight of the finish line they woke up and a sprint opened up and a close finish ensued.

The 3rd cat race was a little more animated as several riders decided to take up the running -- Andy Powell (Hargroves Cycles) and Dave Hooper (DHcyclesport) both having a go and being pulled back. Then with two laps to go a break of three got a gap of 15 seconds but on the back of the circuit they were pulled back and the race was settled in a sprint.

Another victory for Rob Hurd

The E/1/2 race only had a small field but the racing was a fine example of controlled chasing. A 14 lap race started with a couple of steady laps, then a group of four got a gap and for the second race in two days, Rob Hurd (DHCyclesport) was having trouble persuading others to take a go on the front. On lap four, Rob and Lee Smith (Felt racing) decided to have a go and they soon pulled out a gap which increased to about 40 secs at one point.

The real storey of the race was happening behind the leading two however. Four riders managed to get a gap between them and the chasing bunch and at one point they were pulled back because they couldn’t organise themselves. Then David Brown (Toyota Super Sport) jumped across and took three riders with him. After a bit of persuading they started to work well.

Then the time between them and the leading two started to come down by a handful of seconds each lap. With three laps to go the gap, was 15 seconds and then with two to go, it was less than 10 seconds. Finally, as they took the bell they were all together. Along the back of the circuit, John Wager decided to have a go but he was soon pulled back. As they approached the last corner Rob Hurd and David Brown opened up the sprint, with Rob taking a well deserved win if not just for all the hard work he had put in.

Great conditions at Thruxton for racing

Rider Quotes:
Rob Hurd (DHCyclesport) 1st o/a “I needed the training, so I went from the gun and Lee smith from Felt came with me. We got our heads down and got a 40 second gap. When the group got across to us, it got a bit cagey towards the end, but our South African visitor (David Brown) was riding very strong”.

David Brown (Toyota Super Sport) 2nd o/a “I've not raced here before so I sat in for a couple of laps and decided to be a bit patient this time and save a bit of energy as all this racing is catching up with me! I waited till 7 or 8 laps to go, then four of us got away which worked well. We were chasing the two out front; they were there but not quite in reach."

"Then with four to go, I told the others to put the hammer down and we got across. Once we got across, we could sit up but we caught them with two too go and there was no time to rest. With one to go, a rider made a jump at the bottom of the hill, I was forced to follow him which didn’t suit me well.  Going up the hill, Rob went away, I pulled that back and wanted the sprint, and came in second”.

Lee Smith (Felt Racing) 3rd o/a “Went away with Rob and we were working well together. Then, towards the end they were taking time out of us. Then with two to go the gap was down to 10 seconds, so we pulled up just through the finish line. We then all started to work together. At the end I didn’t have the strength”.

John Wager “I went away with Rob from the gun then we got pulled back in. Rob and Lee got away and we had a lot of jumping about. Then four of us got away and soon got a gap in front of the bunch. We then started to close the two in front down. I tried to attack with half a lap to go but it was half a lap too much for me, it was worth a go”.

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Racing for all categories at the closed circuit

Sprint in the 3rd category race

4th category race ends in a bunch kick with a tight tight finish