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Using industry-leading analytics and insights our research team work across all forms of cycling to support the organisation’s ambition of transforming Britain into a great cycling nation.

Working alongside experts from a variety of fields, the team aim to provide cutting-edge research to local and national decision-makers and influencers to advance the case for cycling.

The team are currently working on a number of projects to gain a better understanding of the barriers and motivations that affect the number of people cycling and the types of interventions that best support people to do so.

Bike Share in Greater Manchester – University of Salford in partnership with British Cycling

Bike share schemes have been considered as one solution to problems of poor health and inactivity in our cities, whilst also being a means of increasing travel by bike and reducing reliance on the private car.

This study aimed to understand the potential of bike share to increase cycling levels and explore the reasons why it has been an attractive option to some, but not others. This research helps us to establish a better understanding of what is required to create better places for people to cycle in their everyday life.

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