British Cycling calls for mums to get on their bikes

British Cycling calls for mums to get on their bikes


British Cycling’s Breeze network is calling on mums to enjoy a bike ride on 23rd and 24th June as part of the Big Breeze Bike Ride initiative. A Nobel peace prize nominee, Muslim Women’s Sports Foundation’s Volunteer of the Year, and double world champion and London 2012 hopeful Laura Trott are among those lending their support.

Natalie Justice, Women’s network manager says; ‘We all know that three times as many men as women in Britain ride bikes. Studies also show that boys do more physical activity of all kinds. If women - who make the majority of decisions about children’s activities - don’t ride bikes themselves, and perceive cycling as too dangerous or difficult, there is little hope of fostering the next generation of champions. Or helping Britain to improve its childhood inactivity and obesity levels.’

Bikes are used for just two in a hundred journeys in Britain compared to more than a quarter in the Netherlands and a fifth in Denmark. Breeze sees women as the key to unlocking this – instead of passing on fear to their daughters or sons, they want mums to share an enthusiasm for cycling.

Natalie Justice adds; ‘Through Breeze and Bikeability we have joined up the training of children with empowerment of mums. It’s important that all women, particularly mums, feel great about getting on their bikes, and encourage the next generation.’

To get involved – just ride a bike this weekend. Setting up or joining an informal ride is easy. Just use the facebook app, or tell us what you’re doing where ever you are. Email