Volunteers: In Focus - February 2022

Volunteers: In Focus - February 2022


Throughout 2022 we will once again be shining a light on the brilliant work our facilitators and volunteers do for all forms of cycling.  We want to acknowledge the huge contribution volunteers make to cycling and recognise the wide variety of roles undertaken to activate, support, lead, and deliver at all levels.

Each month, we are taking nominations from across the regions and home nations. If you think someone deserves a mention, get in touch on social media with your respective regional or national teams or via @BCCoaches on Twitter.

We want to say thank you to ALL volunteers who have supported cycling, at all levels, thoroughout all the challenges 2021 has thrown at us. Without your enthusiasm and commitment we could not deliver at the levels we do.

A huge thank you and well done to all that have been nominated in February 2022 for their ongoing commitment to our sport and to those who may have volunteered for the first time have engaged new riders in their clubs, activities, or groups. Thank you from everyone at British Cycling, and from our community.

Name: Tracy Summerhayes and Nigel Woffindin

Region: North Lincolnshire (East Midlands)

Role: Guided Ride Leaders

Tracy and Nigel have set about in the new year to deliver a 'Couch to 25 miles' programme through Guided Rides. The offer proved extremely popular. Tracey said: "The first ride posted was so popular we have had to post two. We decided that we would limit the places to 10 but soon realised it wasn't enough, now we have 10 on each ride, hopefully this will stay that way!"
In addition to encouraging the groups and giving careful consideration to the routes being utilised and mileage covered with each opportunity, Tracy and Nigel are sharing their learnings, feedback and experience each week with the network of Guided Ride Leaders across the UK to help support them to consider giving it a go where they live.

Karen Harvey, British Cycling's Lead Programmes Officer - Led Rides commented

"This really epitomises sharing best practice across the team of Leaders! We are looking forward to watching the riders progress throughout the series of rides on offer and really challenge themselves"

A couch to 25 mile participant said "The offer Tracy and Nigel are enabling is a brilliant idea regarding a social ride! What better way to introduce new cyclists to regular rides". The pair have also been inundated with thanks and messages looking forward to the next ride in the series.

Tracy and Nigel, in their Green Ride Leader jackets,are pictured with one of the groups and the Humber Bridge in the background.

British Cycling Values: Unity; Passion;


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 Name: Findley Shaw

 Region: North East - Gosforth Road Club

 Role: Young Volunteer, Aspiring Coach

Findley is a young volunteer that is always wanting to get involved and excited to get involved. Findley has a passion for that beginning stage of a child riding their bikes that many aren't. Findley has spent many school holidays supporting the Newcastle Go-Ride team with their ready set ride sessions and come and try events. Findley has taught many children how to ride and never gets bored of it. He's also a great advocate for the sport and his club, he always tells people about the opportunity to join the club and showcases what they do at their sessions.

Melissa Teasdale, Newcastle Community Coach said "Findley's passion for teaching younger children how to ride is amazing. I've not worked with many 15 years old that are comfortable leading sessions working with parents. He manages to hold the attention of both groups all while clearly explaining skills to both children and their parents. That isn't something you can teach young people so it's great to see those skills developing"

Findley has also gone on to do the flying start course through one of the British Cycling Bursary schemes.

British Cycling Values: Unity; Passion 

Could you coach cycling? (britishcycling.org.uk)

Name: Nathan Franks and Abingdon Race Team

Region: Central

Role: Event Organisers

Abingdon Race Team (ART) is in the Central Region. ART promote closed circuit racing at Dalton Barracks at Abingdon Airfield. They have been promoting there for a number of years but over the past few they have extended the offer.

Nathan, along with his brother Toby, and Adam Whitfield, have been key to promoting cycle sport in Oxfordshire. They have promoted 3 key series a year in spring , summer, and autumn for all senior categories. They have built a solid base of female competitors offering them a good race environment on the airfield. The airfiled may not sound very exciting but it provides everything for riders to build thier skills for racing in a group, and riding in the wind and its always windy!!! The female seciton of the club is growing year on year with more female riders competing than ever before. The womens races are now attracting sponsorship and enableing ART to deliver more events regionally.

ART were one of the key clubs to get activity back in 2020 and 2021 during Covid-19 restrictions. Operating with strict guidelines via British Cyclings 'The Way Forward' guidance, as well control measures placed on them by the MOD as its military barracks and operational site. They have a really good social media profile on Facebook and Instagram with around 2000 followers. For 2022 they have started the season by selling out the fields to a maximum. They have also introduced on site mobile catering which is going down really well. All this operating from a Sea Cadet hall on site and the provision of portable toilets. The riders love it! Being in the west of Central region and close to good road infrastructure means they attract competitors from not only Central but South and West Midlands mainly but others from far afield. Some quotes taken from their social media links are: "Another super event. Thanks ART and see you again next week " "Thank you guys" "Nice work guys - thanks" "Thanks guys for putting on the races! It’s greatly appreciated, especially with all the hoops you’ve had to jump through to get them on!"

Mark Doel, Regional Events Officer said "Nathan is one of the most passionate people I know in the sport apart from having to keep a very intense jo as an Operations Director within the food industry he is always there for these events. He is innovative with his team understanding that communication around his events is driven by the people that compete and so uses them to promote and engage with his Facebook pages"

British Cycling Values: Passion; Innovation

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Name: Debs Crockaert

Region: South

Role: National Escort Gorup Regional Co-ordinator 

Debs is currently the Regional National Escort Group Co-ordinator for the South Region. She has worked her way up onto the NEG’s top level but not without supporting the local races in the South region in the process.

One of the regions Road Commissaires commented "When Debs and her team arrive at an event a calm descends across an organiser's demeanour in the knowledge that the riders will have an excellent level of protection and supervision when racing on the open road. Debs herself has a very self-effacing manner and is highly approachable to discuss any potential issues that could pose a problem to the riders or race convoy. A consummate professional, providing service with a smile"

British Cycling Values: Unity; Passion;

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Name: Roy Redman

Region: East Midlands

Role: Ride Leader

Roy is an all round cycling champion who does everything he can to get more bums on seats and make it accessible and safe for all. If Roy isn't regularly leading rides he is educating us through his YouTube channel which you can view by simply searching 'Ride with Roy' - With just shy of 4k subscribers to his channel Roy is clearly doing a lot of things right.

Well deserved recognition has also been highlighted by Lincolnshire themselves by producing an article on Roy through their let move Lincolnshire website. you can view Roy's story here; https://letsmovelincolnshire.com/stories/roy/

After coming into cycling late himself Roy has demonstrated a huge passion for the sport and recreational activity. He has been innovative in the way he has grown his reach and not only engaged with his local community but with communities across the UK in its entirety.

 British Cycling Values: Passion; Innovation

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