Women: Burn it with Breeze


New Year comes around and many of us vow to make drastic health-related lifestyle changes. It’s all ‘new year, new you’, in an ‘all or nothing’ manner. The trouble is, this usually involves giving something up (negative), instead of taking on a challenge or trying something new (positive).

And it’s a sad fact that 39% of New Year’s resolutions crumble in just two weeks. And the other 61% probably follow suit not long after.

Here are our tips for making some healthy changes to your lifestyle that make you feel better, and that are easier to stick to.

  • Let yourself off the hook. What’s wrong with the old you anyway? Rather than beating yourself up about how far you have to go, why not make a few improvements here and there, gradually changing your habits as you go? It’ll be much easier to stick to, and more likely to last, long-term.
  • Set yourself some goals, but make them realistic and achievable. Then break them down into mini milestones – setting yourself small targets on your road to an ultimate achievement is a great way to keep on track and stay motivated.
  • Getting fit doesn’t have to mean joining a gym. Cycling is a great way to get fresh air, meet new people – and best of all, there’s no joining fee or monthly subscription! Breeze bike rides are FREE – so why not get on your bike with us this year? Whether you’re a novice looking to get back on your bike after a lifetime off it, or a competent, frequent cyclist capable of cycling 30+ miles, there’s a ride for you.
  • Make friends along the way. Doing an activity or exercise with other people makes you much more likely to stick to it. So why not pair up with a family member, or a group of friends or workmates, and ride together? Breeze bike rides are famously friendly, so even if you’re on your own they’re a great way to meet new people and get a bit of support along the way. You can even bag yourself some fab free goodies for bringing a friend!

Remember, nothing is impossible… go for it!