Points: William Munteanu Ruffhead

Current Club: Arctic Aircon RT
Year End Club: Arctic Aircon RT
Gender: Male
Age Category: UNDER 12




Date Category Event Position Points Allocation
01/12/2019 Under 12 VC Revolution Hilly Fields Cross-Eastern League Round 9 (Under 10s Boys and Girls)  
02/11/2019 Under 12 West Suffolk Cross -Eastern League Round 7 (Under 10s Boys and Girls)  
13/10/2019 Under 12 CCXL R5 - Welwyn Wheelers (U8) 8 0  
06/10/2019 Under 12 CC Ashwell Cross-Eastern League Round 4 (Under 10s Boys and Girls)  
22/09/2019 Under 12 Northlands Cross-Eastern League Round 3 (Under 10s Boys and Girls)  
15/09/2019 Under 12 Springfield Cross-Eastern League Round 2 (Under 10s Boys and Girls)  
08/09/2019 Under 12 Amisvelo Hillyfields Cross-Eastern League Round 1 (Under 10s Boys and Girls)  
  Rider's total points     0 Under 12:0