Points: Iain Watson

Current Club: Aberdeen Wheelers Cycling Club
Year End Club: Aberdeen Wheelers Cycling Club
Gender: Male
Age Category: OVER 23




Date Category Event Position Points
31/08/2014 Regional C DTCC - Scottish National Team Time Trial (E/1/2/3/4)
10/08/2014 Regional C Scottish 100-mile TT Championships, incorporating NoSCA Champs (E/1/2/3/4) 15 0
27/07/2014 Regional C Coffee Pot 50-mile TT (E/1/2/3/4)
17/07/2014 Regional C The Finzean 2-up TTT (E/1/2/3/4)
13/07/2014 Regional C Ian Brodie 10-mile TT (E/1/2/3/4)
29/06/2014 Regional C Aberdeen Wheelers Classified 10 (E/1/2/3/4) 8 0
17/06/2014 Regional C Dundee Thistle 10-mile TT (E/1/2/3/4) 12 0
15/06/2014 Regional C Wheelers Neish/Low Trophies 25-mile TT (E/1/2/3/4) 24 0
25/05/2014 Regional C Granite City RT 25 incorporating the VTTA J.Cramb Trophy (E/1/2/3/4)
03/05/2014 Regional C DTCC 10-mile Time Trial (E/1/2/3/4)
05/04/2014 Regional C The Sheriffston 10-mile Time Trial (E/1/2/3/4) 8 0
23/03/2014 Regional C DTCC Spring Hilly 18m TT (E/1/2/3/4) 10 0
  Rider's total points     0