Points: Larissa Campbell

Current Club: Team Milton Keynes
Year End Club: Team Milton Keynes
Gender: Female
Age Category: YOUTH
Category: Youth U16
National Rank: 51
National Points: 16




Date Category Event Position Points Allocation
30/11/2019 Category B CCXL R11 - Team Milton Keynes Cross (U16 Girls)  
24/11/2019 Category B CCXL R10 - JCA Equipe Velo Cross (U16 Girls) 2 2 Youth U16:2
17/11/2019 Category B CCXL R9 - Hillingdon (U16 Girls) 1 6 Youth U16:6
03/11/2019 Category B CCXL R8 - Cross at the Zoo (U16 Girls) 2 2 Youth U16:2
27/10/2019 Category B CCXL R7 - LBRCC (U16 Girls) 2 4 Youth U16:4
28/09/2019 Category B CCXL R3 - CX in the City II (U16 Girls) 9 2 Youth U16:2
  Rider's total points     16 Youth U16:16