Points: Alistair Corps-Bell

Current Club: Handcycling Association of the UK
Year End Club: Handcycling Association of the UK
Gender: Male
Age Category: OVER 23
Category: 4th
National Rank: 999
Regional Rank: 3
Regional Points: 7




Date Category Event Position Points
19/07/2009 Regional C+ National Disability Time Trial Championships (Handcycling) 6 4
18/07/2009 Regional C+ SERRL Event 19 Fowlmead inc Disability Circuit Champs (Handcycling Circuit Champs) 7 3
12/07/2009 Go-Race BC South Circuit Racing Festival (Handcycling) 4 0
21/06/2009 Horwich Carnival Races inc. Women's National Circuit Championship (Handcycles) 2 0
07/06/2009 Go-Race SACA Salt Ayre Day of Cycling (National Paracycling Circuit Race Series) 16 0
  Rider's total points     7