Points: Oliver Richardson

Current Club: Twickenham CC
Year End Club: Twickenham CC
Gender: Male
Age Category: OVER 23
Category: Elite
National Rank: 92
National Points: 55
Regional Rank: N/A




Date Category Event Position Points
28/07/2019 National A The South Coast Classic (E/1/2)
21/07/2019 National A HSBC UK │National Circuit Championships (Men's Circuit Championship)
10/07/2019 National B Guildford Town Centre Races 2019 (Elite Criterium)
07/07/2019 National B Charters Peugeot Farnham Town Centre Races (Pedal Heaven E/1/2) 39 0
30/06/2019 National B Peter Sandy Memorial Road Race (E/1/2/3)
23/06/2019 National A Tour of the Reservoir (Stage 2) 0 0
22/06/2019 National A Tour of the Reservoir (Overall)
22/06/2019 National A Tour of the Reservoir (Stage 1) 90 0
16/06/2019 National B The London Dynamo and Les Filles Summer Road Races (E/1/2/3) 13 11
16/06/2019 National A Circuit of the Mendips (E/1/2)
08/06/2019 National B Crawley Wheelers Summer Road Race (E/1/2/3) 4 40
02/06/2019 National B Central Region Road Race Championships 2019 inc. Central, Eastern & South East Women's Championships (E/1/2/3 )
12/05/2019 National A Chestnut Homes Lincoln Grand Prix & Womens Lincoln Grand Prix (E/1/2)
28/04/2019 National B Chitterne Road Races (E/1/2/3 Men) 20 1
25/04/2019 Regional C+ Surrey League Handicap Series #1 (Charlotteville CC) (E/1/2/3/4) 41 0
14/04/2019 National A East Cleveland Klondike GP (E/1/2)
14/04/2019 National B Les Ingman Memorial Road Race (E/1/2/3) 31 0
07/04/2019 National B Fast Test Spring Road Race (E/1/2/3)
24/03/2019 National B Dulwich Paragon Wally Gimber Trophy 60th edition (E/1/2/3) 39 0
09/03/2019 National B The Roy Thame Cup & Spring Chicken Road Races (The Roy Thame Cup) 28 0
03/03/2019 National B 47th Severn Bridge - BW Cycling Road Race (E/1/2/3)
10/02/2019 National B Perfs Pedal Road Race (E/1/2/3) 13 3
  Rider's total points     55