Points: Marcus Simmons

Current Club: Bolton Hot Wheels CC
Year End Club: Bolton Hot Wheels CC
Gender: Male




Date Category Event Position Points Allocation
20/10/2019 Category B Heaton Park Cyclocross Races (Veteran Men 50-59) 48 0  
13/10/2019 Category B HMCC CX (Vet 50-59 MEN) 44 0  
07/09/2019 Category B Red Rose Olympic Houghton Tower Cross 2019 (Veteran Men 50-59) 54 0  
01/09/2019 Category B Port Sunlight Wheelers / Wirral Metals LTD North West CX league (Veteran 50-59 Men) 61 0  
29/06/2019 Non-Ranking The Ludgate Finance Queen Victoria Cyclocross 2019 (Retired Servicemen and Country Gentlemen's Bicycle Race (Male Vets))  
08/05/2019 Non Competitive Three Sisters Summer Cyclo Cross (Vets)  
  Rider's total points     0 Vet 50-59:0