Points: Adrian Hay

Current Club: Dunfermline CC
Year End Club: Dunfermline CC
Gender: Male




Date Category Event Position Points
30/09/2017 Regional C+ Scottish Circuit Race Championship and Youth Road Race Championship (4th Cat only)
20/08/2017 Regional B David Campbell Memorial Development Race (3/4) 52 0
18/06/2017 Regional C+ Crit Under The Castle Circuit Race inc British Cycling National Youth Circuit Series (4th Cat only) 11 0
23/04/2017 Regional C Scottish National Olympic Time Trial Championship: Tour of the Meldons (E/1/2/3/4) 62 0
02/04/2017 Regional C+ Crit On The Campus including the Scottish Cycling Youth Series #2 (4th Cat Only Race 2) 26 0
19/03/2017 Regional C Lang Whang Hilly TT 2017 (E/1/2/3/4) 50 0
  Rider's total points     0