Points: Sally Harrington

Current Club: Wolverhampton Whls
Year End Club: Evolve Cycling Club
Gender: Female




Date Category Event Position Points
05/10/2014 Friends Life Tour Ride Official sportive of Mark Cavendish (Friends Life Tour Ride 100)
03/08/2014 Barrie Williams Challenge (Barrie Williams Challenge)
02/08/2014 Staffordshire Cycling Festival Sportives (70 mile)
07/06/2014 Brewood Cycle Challenge 2014 Sportive (100K / 63 mile)
01/06/2014 The Smuggler (The Smuggler - 80 miles)
25/05/2014 Welsh Wild West Sportive (Y Cawr)
04/05/2014 The Tour of the National Forest Sportive (160 Km)
13/04/2014 Skylark Sportive (Epic)
16/03/2014 The Shropshire Devil (Shropshire Devil Long Route)
09/03/2014 Via Roma Spring Sportive (Cotswold Challenge)
  Rider's total points     0