Points: Stephen Roe

Current Club: East Kilbride Road Club
Year End Club: VC Glasgow South
Gender: Male




Date Category Event Position Points
09/09/2012 Regional C+ Kinross Series Vets & Womens RR/Kinross 4th Cat RR (4ths) 9 0
19/08/2012 Regional C+ Scottish Circuit Race Championships and Youth Circuit Championships (4th Cat Only) 0 0
18/08/2012 Regional A Battle of the Braes Road Race (2/3/4) 0 0
11/07/2012 Regional A Roundabout Cup (2/3/4) 30 0
07/07/2012 Regional C+ Arthur Campbell Road Race (4th Cat Only)
27/05/2012 Regional C+ VC Glasgow South Road Race (4th Cat Only) 55 0
17/05/2012 Regional C Pennyglen Hill Time Trial (17mls) (E/1/2/3/4)
  Rider's total points     0