Points: Edward Jones

Current Club: Petuaria RT
Year End Club: Handcycling Association of the UK
Gender: Male
Age Category: OVER 23
Regional Points:




Date Category Event Position Points
22/07/2012 Go-Race BC National Paracycling Road Circuit Championships (Handcycles MH3) 2 0
04/07/2012 Go-Race Claremont Hospital Stafford GP (Handcycling) 4 0
12/05/2012 Go-Race Handcycling/Trike/Tandem Darley Moor Circuit Races (Handcycles) 12 0
31/03/2012 Go-Race SACA/Wallis Cycles Spring Series Event 4 (Handcycles) 14 0
  Rider's total points     0