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Test yourself

With over 2000 events listed on our events calendar, find one that suits your cycling ability and goals. If you’re thinking about racing, pick up a Race Silver membership and a racing licence to gain ranking points and propel yourself onto the podium.

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Treat yourself

Members get 10% off at Chain Reaction Cycles and in-store at Halfords, so what better way to start the year than to get kitted out in your favourite brands.

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Protect yourself

Ride, Race Gold and Silver membership includes up to £10m third party liability insurance and legal support so you can ride with the peace of mind that you’re covered should you be involved in a cycling incident.

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Record your rides

If you’re committing to cycling more this year, make sure you track it with Strava and share your activity with your friends. Members can get Strava Premium free for 60 days.

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Find new friends

There’s over 2200 clubs affiliated to British Cycling, find one in your area and meet up with likeminded cyclists for club rides, café stops, camaraderie and much more.

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Membership contributes to our campaigning work to make Britain a true cycling nation and supports the Great Britain Cycling Team from playground to podium, to ensure sustained success at all levels.

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Become a Ride member for just £37 a year

Join over 130,000 likeminded cyclists and become part of the largest cycling organisation in the UK.

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