Cycling New Year’s Resolutions 2020

Cycling New Year’s Resolutions 2020

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Follow a training plan

Probably the number one step you can take to improve your cycling is to follow a structured training plan. We have developed a comprehensive range of plans on TrainingPeaks and, whether you’re looking to build solid foundations over the winter, aiming for your first sportive, targeting a Mountain Bike Marathon or wanting a Time Trial PB, there’s a plan for you.

British Cycling Digital Training Plans
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Upgrade to power

If you currently train using heart rate and are looking to take your training to the next level, invest in a power meter. It’ll allow for far more effective pacing, accurate judging of interval intensity - especially sprints and tracking of your training and progress. All of out Digital Training Plans are compatible with power meters and smart trainers.

British Cycling Digital Training Plans

Get strong and get mobile

Including some focussed off the bike conditioning in to your training will not only improve your cycling performance but it will also enhance your resilience to injury and confer a number of health benefits. For best results, combine regular strength work in the gym with mobility work at home.

Winter Strength Training for Cycling
British Cycling Mobility Routine

Stay healthy

Losing riding time to illness is sometimes unavoidable but there are a number of simple measures you can resolve to do to minimise the risk. Always be fastidious about washing your hands and use an antibacterial/anti-viral gel. Follow NHS guidelines and, during the autumn and winter, take a Vitamin D supplement. When travelling or when training especially hard, take a probiotic to boost your immunity.

Cycling and Illness

Nail your nutrition

Resolve to fuel your training rides and events optimally. If you’re not getting your pre, during and post ride nutrition right you’re undoubtably reducing your performance and undermining your training gains.

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Try an e-Race

If you already incorporate riding on Zwift into your training, why not try e-Racing? We guarantee it’ll push you to new levels, you’ll get a great workout and, who knows, maybe you’ll ride the 2020 e-Racing National Championships.

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Ride off-road

Whether it’s mountain biking, cyclo-cross or gravel, riding off-road will benefit your fitness, boost your bike handling skills, give you a poor weather option and it’s just a lot of fun.

Gravel Riding
Cyclo-Cross Video Series
Trail Smart Video Series

Try the track

If you live close to one of the UK’s indoor velodromes why not resolve to book onto a taster session and give the track a go?

Time for the track

Join a club

If you tend to ride alone or just with a handful of mates, why not resolve to give your local club run a go? You’ll meet a load of like minded people, learn from more experienced riders, develop your group riding skills and probably discover some brilliant local roads and routes that you never knew existed.

British Cycling Club Finder

Just ride

Although we all like to get the most out of cycling, it’s all too easy to take it too seriously and to forget why we love riding bikes. So, occasionally, why not resolve to leave to computer at home, forget the data and just ride for the sake of riding.