Cardiff Met & Welsh Cycling Participation Review Sessions

Cardiff Met & Welsh Cycling Participation Review Sessions

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Naomi and Sam are final year Sport Management students at Cardiff Metropolitan University. They are working in partnership with Welsh Cycling on a Participation Review Project:  


We are excited to be conducting independent research into cycling experiences across Wales during the Covid-19 pandemic.   


Our aim is to gain insight on cycling during Covid-19 and provide recommendations to Welsh Cycling with regards to how they can help participants continue to cycle.   


The research is being conducted at the end of March via conversations on Zoom. The conversations are independent of Welsh Cycling and can accommodate both English and Welsh Speakers.   


If you would like to know more information about the research or have any questions, please contact or”  


Zoom Details:  


Sunday 28th March:  

  • Meeting ID: 882 335 8409 

  • Passcode: CMETWC 


Tuesday 30th March:  

  • Cardiff Met X Welsh Cycling 2 


Wednesday 31st March:  

  • Passcode: CMETWC 


Thursday 1st April:  

  • Cardiff Met X Welsh Cycling 4 

  • Apr 1, 2021 05:30 PM London