Wales Pathway Program – Competition Selection Criteria 2020

Wales Pathway Program – Competition Selection Criteria 2020

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Wales Pathway Program supports young athletes through competition experience with the following aims:

-          To develop athlete self-sufficiency in competition;

-          For experience of different types of competition;

-          To experience events of increased competitiveness;

-          To encourage athlete learning through a team environment.


To be considered for selection, athletes need to be Junior, Youth A or Youth B category athletes (2020) and meet eligibility criteria as determined by the Commonwealth Games Council for Wales. These are as follows;

-          Born in Wales;

-          Parent born in Wales;

-          Resident of Wales continuously for a period no less than five years.


In 2020, WPP aims to support athletes in the following events for the Youth categories;

-          Youth Tour of Scotland, Perth (April 3rd – 6th);

-          Inter-Regional BMX Championships, Loughbourgh (September 3rd – 6th);

-          Inter-Regional Road & Track Championships, venue TBC (date TBC);

WPP may also identify further events which meet the development needs of athletes.

For the Junior categories, WPP aims to support athletes in selected National series events.


Selection for each event will be at the discretion of Wales Pathway Program staff, to include coaches and the program lead.

Selections for these events may include athletes from Wales Pathway Program, British Cycling Apprentice program and independents we feel have potential and will benefit from each experience.

Selections will be made using various means including observation of athletes at National and Regional competitions, observation of athletes at coaching sessions and club or coach recommendation.

Selections will consider athletes against the criteria listed below;

-          Attacking riding / ability to make repeated efforts;

-          Bike handling;

-          Tactical awareness;

-          Finish position;

-          Self-sufficiency / behaviour / discipline.

Other Information

Some events supported by WPP may only be open to athletes from specific categories (e.g. Youth A or Junior).

Where events are open to Youth A and B athletes, WPP may prioritise on age.

WPP will not routinely publicise event selections for supported events.

Queries regarding WPP selection criteria should be directed to Ian Jenkins via e-mail (