Welsh Cycling Athlete Pathway

Welsh Cycling Athlete Pathway

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Welsh Cycling has revamped its Performance Pathway to better engage and encourage a larger pool of young athletes.

The aim is to enable a larger number of young riders to receive coaching that will develop their race skills, but the pathway is also there to identify, support and nurture talented athletes through the process.

An overview of the pathway can be seen below:

The overview of the pathway is to provide athletes the opportunity the chance to see if they could progress through the various levels, and throughout the whole process there’s opportunities to move across to British Cycling’s performance pathway as well alongside our own pathway.

British Cycling pathway - https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/getinvolved/article/20181005-about-bc-static-British-Cycling-Talent-Development-Pathway-0?c=EN

Wales Racing Academy

A full-time coaching and race programme for selected athletes. 

Who: Athletes 19+ with potential into world class performers or Commonwealth Games medallists in the road, track or cross country mountain bike disciplines.

Selections: Athletes are selected in October each year

Pathway Programme

A coaching programme for selected athletes.

Who: Athletes from the from the second year Youth A, and Junior categories.

Selections: Athletes are selected in October each year, and include the British Cycling ‘Apprentice’ athletes.

Pathway Development Sessions

A calendar of progressive coaching sessions in the disciplines of Road, Track and Mountain Bike cross country (XCO).

The purpose of the sessions is to provide group coaching and education to young athletes to help improve their performance and race craft.

Across the sessions offered, education will include core topics such as;

-          Planning your Training;

-          Nutrition;

-          Tactical / technical aspects of your discipline;

-          Strength and conditioning;

-          Lifestyle.

Who: Aspiring young athletes from the second year Youth B, and Youth A categories (born 2004, 2005, 2006).

You can find a list of links to the development sessions below:

https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/events/details/221421/Pathway-Development-Session- (West Wales)




Selections: Anyone can access the session according to a simple criteria:

-          Be age eligible (see above);

-          Be a British Cycling member;

-          Be racing at least local level events in your chosen discipline;

-          Be Welsh eligible (Born in Wales, Parent born in Wales, Lived in Wales for 5+ years or demonstrate ‘Wales’ on their British Cycling licence.


A grassroots coaching and competition programme linking schools and community activities.

Who:Keen young participants wanting to enjoy and progress their cycling, typically ages 5 – 16 years.

Selections: To access the Club Clusters of Coaching, youths need to be club and British Cycling members. Otherwise activities are open to any keen young cyclists.