Giving your regular coaching sessions a twist to keep them fresh for young riders

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May the 4th is a date that means a lot to young riders as Star Wars is celebrated across the Galaxy, We headed to Cardiff based HSBC UK Go-Ride Club Whitchurch CC to see how the coaches were making tweaks to the activities to incorporate elements from the hit movie franchise into the day’s activities.

Around 40 young riders or “younglings/ Young Jedi’s” arrived at Coryton Primary School, Whitchurch’s coaching venue, dressed in Star Wars costumes and carrying lightsabre’s ready for this weeks coached session.

Head Coach Zoe had devised a number of skills based challenges that would develop the rider’s core cycling skills whilst also giving the activity a certain Star Wars feel.

“The clubs coaches were very keen to get involved in this year’s Star Wars day and came up with some great ideas as well as fully embracing the day and getting into character, to be honest they don’t need much of an excuse to dress up and get the kids even more enthused about cycling”.

The riders were greeted to the venue with Star Wars theme music played on loud speakers whilst mini Stormtroopers replaced battle ready helmets for cycle helmets to undertake the sessions.

The activities were all familiar to the riders, and to most riders from the many HSBC UK Go-Ride clubs we have in Wales but the renaming of the activities certainly gave the activities a different feel.

The riders were put into smaller groups to undertake a range of activities that included Leia’s Lightsabre limbo, Wookie Wobble, Jedi Jump and Lightsabre lanes.

“We wanted to find a way to freshen up our coaching sessions and provide a bit of a challenge to the young riders and a link to Star Wars seamed a good match, were looking at other potential tie ins throughout the year to other popular themes and activities throughout the year”.

At the end of the session riders were presented with small prizes and the “Best dressed” riders were presented with additional prizes.

Regional Cycling Development Officer Dan Coast was thrilled to see so many children taking part in the day.

“With the HSBC UK Let’s Ride Cardiff event this coming weekend it’s great to see the club looking to find new and intuitive ways to not only engage the children with cycling but also promoting cycling through social media and popular trends that will hopefully attract more new people into the sport”.

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