Changes to registration for the Mountain Bike Leadership Award Scheme

Changes to registration for the Mountain Bike Leadership Award Scheme

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Changes to Registration for the Mountain Bike Leadership Award Scheme

Due to increasing operating costs, from 1st January 2019 there is a modest increase in the registration charge for the Mountain Bike Leadership Award Scheme to £75.  This is the first increase since the scheme started in 2012 and remains substantially under the rate of inflation over this period.

For those who don’t already hold British Cycling membership at Ride, Silver or Gold, this is automatically added at the point of your registration in order that you receive the associated benefits of membership, not least of which is public liability and professional indemnity insurance as a mountain bike leader.

What do I get for registering?

Once registered on the scheme, you will be sent the resources for the Level 2 Mountain Bike Leadership Award including an extensive Handbook detailing all the salient principles and content of this award level, a course resource handout and additional cards and devices vital for your role as a mountain bike leader.  The handbook underwent a significant rewrite and update, published January 2019 reflecting notable updates in equipment, techniques and leadership principles.  It included new sections on Trailside Repairs and on Preparing for Assessment to aid your progress through your course.

Registration is the primary source of financial support for the mountain bike leadership team at British Cycling so as well as the course resources it goes partway to covering the administration of your courses, quality assurance and development of future courses, as well as helping to evidence the substantial impact the mountain bike leaders have on the Outdoors Sector and the wider benefits to society.

Do I need to register?

If you are attending a Level 2, Level 3 or Night Leader Mountain Bike Leadership course, you will need to register on the scheme.  You will not be permitted to attend any of these courses without registering.  This applies even if you have registered on a different mountain bike leadership scheme previously, or if you have secured direct entry to the Level 3 or Night Leader courses due to relevant approved prior qualifications.

Registration only needs to be completed once; you can then attend as many British Cycling courses as you wish following your registration.

You can retain your British Cycling membership annually as suits your own requirements.  Membership is not a mandatory requirement of retaining your qualification status; it necessary where you wish to retain British Cycling benefits such as Leaders insurance.

How do I register?

Registration is quick, easy and online:

Register Here

See the pathway through the Level 2 Award, including registration.