MTB Leadership Level 3 assessment

MTB Leadership Level 3 assessment

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Assessment for the Level 3 Mountain Bike Leadership Award consists of a practical assessment and a written assignment.

Practical assessment

The practical assessment is two days.

  • The first day looks at personal riding standards, which will include an all-day mountain bike journey during which each candidate will be able to demonstrate their MTB techniques, navigation and trail side repairs. 
  • The second day will involve leading some clients in the Level 3 MTB Leadership terrain. During this day, the candidate will be able to show leadership skills, group control and organisational skills, and be self-sufficient.

The assessment procedure is informal and is designed to help you develop your skills as a mountain bike leader. The group you lead can consist of other riders, who are also being assessed on the same day and/ or riders who are there, simply to fulfil the role as participants on the ride.

Written assignment

The written assignment is an open book home study task and comprises of a range of short answer questions. This task is based on the information included in the British Cycling Level 3 Mountain Bike Leadership Handbook and other resources provided on the course.

Minimum requirements for assessment:

At least a further 20 quality days since undergoing Level 3 training. Again, these should largely be in the last 12 months before assessment and cover a range of locations throughout the UK. At least five of these rides should be as assistant leader in Level 3 terrain.