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The mountains, hills and rugged terrain of Great Britain provide a stunning backdrop to our new MTB Leadership Award, as the skills of effective Leadership are outlined through practical and engaging activities at some of the best outdoor venues throughout the country.

There are currently three forms of qualification, with Level 1 providing an industry standard for Outdoor Education Centres, while Level 2 and Level 3 are for aspiring individuals who want to share a passion for mountain biking with others as a qualified Leader.

Level 1

Level 1 Mountain Bike Leadership is a site-specific award designed for organisations such as Outdoor Education Centres. The aim of this award is to upskill members of staff to a standard that enables them to lead introductory level mountain bike rides on set routes in a safe and enjoyable environment.

Level 2

Put simply, British Cycling’s Level 2 Mountain Bike Leadership Award enables experienced mountain bikers to safely guide riders in mountainous terrain and provide them with a great day out.

The award is ideal for anyone with experience in mountain biking, who is either working in the outdoor sector or simply has a personal interest in gaining all the information needed to go out on their mountain bike, be safe and have fun.

As we all know, mountainous terrain is not always simple – and nor should it be – and when operating in the great outdoors it is crucial that a mountain bike leader is properly trained and qualified to deal with all eventualities. The Level 2 qualification provides expert advice to enable you to be confident as a leader in a variety of terrain, while allowing you the freedom to tailor rides to suit you and your group’s need.

Equally, being a leader gives you the opportunity to share your passion for mountain biking with others and we are certain that your ride participants will leave hungry for more.

So, here’s to the start of your leadership journey… may it be a long and exhilarating one!

Level 3

The Level 3 Mountain Bike Leadership Award is aimed at experienced mountain bike leaders who wish to extend their remit to include remote terrain and trails of more severe technical challenge.  The award also focuses on group management in technical terrain, navigation in challenging mountain conditions with few navigational features and incident management in remote environments.

This qualification is provided at very select centres around the UK positioned in ideally suited locations with great facilities and resources.

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