Organising your first event

Mountain biking has many different sub-disciplines. As a prospective organiser you should have experience of the discipline you  wish to organise in, either as a rider or spectator.

The following questions will help you to decide whether you want to host an event.


What type of event should I run as a first time organiser?

There are three key types of sub-disciplines of mountain bike, these are: Cross-country, Downhill, and 4X.

The variety of disciplines involved in mountain biking offer different challenges to organisers.

Cross-country- Due to the mass start nature of cross-country this is a very accessible aspect of mountain biking to organise and ride. Courses consist of a varied terrain and width to make racing challenging for the competitors. Races can vary in distance and time depending on the level of rider being catered for. 

Downhill- Riders will compete individually against the clock on a descending course that will generally consist of a mixture of single track, fire road, field tracks, forest tracks, and rock tracks. Courses should be technically testing for riders.

4X- Riders compete in rounds of 4 on a course purposely built for 4X racing. Courses are of a similar design to a BMX track. Racing is fast and furious with an elimination format where the first two riders across the line progress to the next round. Courses generally take between 30-60 seconds to complete.


Who should I run the event for?

The race categories you are catering for will be determined by the type of event classification you are offering and the number of points you wish to offer. To see the different event classifications please click here


Where should I host the event?

You should consider the venue that you wish to host your event on first of all. A good mountain bike facility will have a  variety of terrain, although this will differ depending on the type of discipline you are organising for. If you have a venue in mind it is recommended that you contact the land owner directly to establish whether they are happy for you to hold an event there. If you are unsure of the best venue for your event please contact your Regional Events Officer for assistance with this.



When should I host the event?

You don’t want to clash with a similar event on the same day so do your research on when certain events are planned to run. Existing organisers usually stick to the same or similar date year after year so check previous seasons race calendars so that you avoid clashes with other events close by in your region. You’re Regional Events Officer will be able offer you guidence on a date if you are still unsure.



Why should I host an event?

People organise for a variety of different reasons. For some people its an opportunity to give something back to the sport. Other people find it provides the opportunity to develop a new skill, and build experience and knowledge of the sport.


If you are still interested in organising an event please contact your Regional Events Officer