Frequently asked questions


Can my event be registered as Go MTB?

Go MTB races are aimed at new or novice racers, they are an ideal way to get people to have a go at racing. The courses should be fairly short and not too technical. No BC licence points are awarded for Go MTB events and riders will expect to get a result.

I have registered my MTB event; do I need to inform any local agencies?

Yes you should inform the local hospital that the event is taking place and if the event is held on public land it is advisable to put advance warning signs out in the area you are using.

There is a right of way on the course I would like to use, what should I do?

If the right of way is a bridleway you should not use this as part of the course as it is against the law to race on a bridleway. Likewise you should not use a footpath as part of a course if it is a public right of way. Speak to the landowner about no go areas and they will usually be able to help you find a solution.


How technical should I make my course?

The technical difficulty of a course should be linked to the standard of the race. Go MTB races should have the lowest level of technical difficulty, increasing at regional events and then nationals.  The most important consideration is to ensure that there are easier, alternative routes around the most demanding sections and that these alternative routes are not quicker than the technical section. These are known as A and B routes and should be clearly marked for riders. It is good to challenge the riders, even at Go MTB events!

How long should my downhill course be?

Course lengths for downhill racing tend to be measured by time rather than distance. For a standard downhill event the minimum duration should be 2 minutes based upon the expected winning time. If you are looking at promoting a short course downhill event then the duration should be a maximum of 1 minute 30, again based upon the expected fastest winning time. For a short course there is no minimum course duration time.


Do I need to provide a technical assistance area on my cross country event?

Technical assistance during a cross country race is only permitted in National Championships and National Series events. Only in exceptional circumstances and entirely at the discretion of the organiser and Chief Commissaire would technical assistance be provided at any other event.

Who will appoint the officials for my event?

It depends whether the event is a regional or national event. If it is a regional event the REO in the region will make the appointments. Headquarters make all appointments for national events. Either way your officials should be appointed prior to the event and the relevant person should let you know.


What sort of timing system do I need (for XC or enduro events)

Most regional events use electronic, chip based timing systems which produce full results and time gaps. However, if you can produce this level of result using non-electronic systems that is fine. Remember you should always have manual lap scoring in place whether or not you are using an electronic system.

Can I have catering at my event?

So long as the landowner is happy for you to have catering and they are positioned out of the way of racing there usually isn’t an issue. It also adds to the rider and spectator enjoyment of the event and your officiating team will always welcome a hot drink.

Do I need to include practice time in the schedule for riders?

Yes, you need to give riders the chance to practice the course as this reduces the risk of injuries in the race and they can practice technical sections at their own pace. There should be clearly marked times where riders can practice and you may want to split practice up for specific categories of riders. You should include timings for practice in the schedule in your event manual.


How much are levies?

Levies are £3.00 for adults and £1.50 for youths in all competitive mountain bike events.  

Am I allowed to use bridleways on my race course?

Cycle races are not authorised on bridleways at this time, although it is possible to hold races that cross over footpaths and byways if the necessary permission and authorisation has been granted. If your event is to cross a bridleway then please contact your REO for support with requesting permission.

What categories should I cater for at my event?

Details of the mountain bike category system is explained here

Is there anywhere I can borrow equipment from for my event?

The Regional Events Officer has a number of pieces of event equipment available to organisers. If you would like to use any equipment please contact the REO in your region.