Scotland North crowned Inter-Regional Mountain Bike Champions for 2012

Scotland North crowned Inter-Regional Mountain Bike Champions for 2012

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Location: Hadleigh, Essex
Event: 5-7 October 2012


Day 1 - Images

After the skills competition, Scotland North held a clear lead over the rest of the field after placing two boys and three girls in the top 10 in their respective events. 

Behind them however the competition was extremely close with Scotland South and West Midlands separated by just one point in second and third and the North West, South East, Wales, Yorkshire, Central, North East, Ulster, East Midlands and South West all only a few points apart from each other filling fourth to twelfth places.

Day 1 results

Boys skills

Girls skills

Standings after day 1

Day 2 - Images

After the dirt crit and uphill competitions, Scotland North extended their lead at the top with solid performances in all four events.

They weren’t however the top performers in any of the events with West Midlands, South East, North West, Yorkshire, East Midlands and Scotland South all scoring better in different events. As a result the positions at the top of the table changed hands after every event and at the close of play less than 10 points cover second to fifth place. Behind them Wales seem secure in eighth and then another close battle between the North East, Ulster, Central, South and South West for the minor positions.

Day 2 results

Boys dirt crit

Boys uphill

Girls dirt crit

Girls uphill

Day 3 - Images

Scotland North extended their lead further to be crowned the Inter-Regional Champions for 2012 with consistent performances in both the boys and girls cross-country races over the Olympic course.

Behind them again saw some incredibly close racing with Scotland South taking top honours in the girls race and South East coming out on top in the boys with the West Midlands, North West and East Midlands teams also beating Scotland North in the final race. With only a handful of points separating them, South East just scraped ahead into second overall with Scotland South taking the bronze.

The theme of close racing continued all the way down the table with positions changing throughout the day and most of the teams being only a few points adrift, or ahead, of another team every place mattering right to the very end.

Day 3 results

Boys cross-country

Girls cross-country