Nutcracker MTB Round 1 fast approaching

Nutcracker MTB Round 1 fast approaching

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With just under 4 weeks left to run until the first round of the 2012 Nutcracker XC Series in the North of England, those wanting to participate have got just 3 weeks left to pre-enter with entries closing at midnight on the Sunday / Monday beforehand. Whilst entries will be available on the day they will be charged at a £5 premium over pre-event pricing.

Above: The infamous Gandale water splash.

Nutcracker 1 takes place on Easter Sunday – 8th April on the old NEMBA favourite course at Gandale, Catterick. Classed as a British Cycling Regional A event, the racing snakes chasing points will be able to battle it out around this undulating course, which is located on a military tank training area. Recognising that points chasing is not for everyone, the usual Fun and non-ranking races will also be held and organisers have advised that initial interest for these categories is proving higher than ever before! Youngsters are encouraged to participate at the Nutcracker and the Sweatmonster Academy will return once again for 2012. Having proved very popular across the last 2 years, under 12 riders will once again be offered the opportunity to compete against their pals in these short off-road races – and what’s more, there’s no charge for this category again in 2012!

From the starting grid – it’s up, up and away, with riders crossing the finish line almost immediately! Then it’s a short and steep grassy descent before a stream crossing awaits to catch out those not paying attention! A series of flowing woodland singletrack and off-road tank training tracks follow, with lots of short but very sharp climbs and descents before experiencing the infamous water splash and entering the Gandale Bivouac site! Watch out for sleeping soldiers here as the course switches back between the trees. An overtaking opportunity follows as the course picks up a section of wide fire track and then it’s onwards to Goodwood, where the course follows a small stream. Finally, you enter The Land of Nod – a super technical and rocky stream bed, before climbing back up to the finish and starting it all over again! As with all Nutcracker courses – the best all round MTBer will be victorious here.

As ever – some cracking prizes are up for grabs from Nutcracker partners and sponsors Dare2B, Biketreks of Ambleside and RWD Brakes. Don’t miss your chance to take part – head over to the Nutcracker website now for further information and online pre-entry.