Cross-Country Mountain Bike 2012: Information on race categories

Cross-Country Mountain Bike 2012: Information on race categories

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Applications for 2012 licences are now open. For those unsure about which category they are in, the 2012 age bands are listed below.

Cross-Country Categories 2012

Juvenile - born 1998 or 1999
Youth - born 1996 or 1997
Junior - born 1994 or 1995
Under-23 - born 1990 to 1993 (National Champs only)
Senior: Elite/Expert/Sport - born 1993 or earlier
Masters - born 1973 to 1982
Veteran - born 1963 to 1972
Grand Veteran (men) - born 1953 to 1962
Grand Veteran (women) - born 1962 or earlier
Super Veteran (men) - born 1952 or earlier

Senior riders whose final ranking positions of 2011 merit a change of ability category have already been contacted. Riders who fall outside the thresholds for changing category but wish to make a case for a change, or are returning after a break in racing, should contact British Cycling. Unless otherwise agreed, the following changes will apply:


Unless previously contacted, riders born in 1993 who move up to Senior in 2012 will default to the Sport ability category. Contact BC if you wish to be considered for a higher ability category.

Senior Ability Categories and Masters

Unless previously contacted, riders will retain their 2011 category, with the exception of Sport and Masters riders born in 1972 who will automatically default to Veteran. Elite and Expert riders reaching Veteran age will retain their existing categories so must request a change to veteran.


Contrary to some rumours, Masters racing is alive, kicking and in pretty good health. However we recognise that there are riders in this age band who are competitive within the higher ability levels, and we would like to encourage them to be there. At the same time we also recognise that there is a strong tradition of riders in this age band moving from leisure and challenge riding into competition and wishing to compete against their peer group. For this reason, the Masters age band was made an elective category from 2011. If you were born between 1973 and 1982 and currently hold an ability category but wish to ride Masters then please ask. Unless you are a high flyer in one of the other ability categories it is likely that this will be agreed.

However Masters is a pretty competitive category, so if you are a Master and have minimal or zero ranking points and wish to race sport, then, once again, please ask.

Other race categories

Juvenile, Youth, Veteran and older. Your category will be automatically be updated if you have moved up to a new age band.

To request any of the changes outlined above, please e-mail Please try and do this before you renew your licence for 2012.

Finally, entries are now open for the 2012 BC National MTB Cross-Country Series. Click here for details.